Keeping the authenticity card in the bag at all times?!

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  1. I've noticed on many YouTube videos for reviews and what's in my bag tags most people tend to keep their authenticity card stored somewhere in the bag at all times as opposed to the box which I don't understand if there's a reason behind this.

    I've always thought it would be quite silly to as if your bag was lost- you may be able to identify your bag if it was found agin using your card, or stolen- the bag could be sold with the card making it seem more genuine that it was there's and not raising much suspicion, also at a higher price.

    I'd love to know if there's a reason to keeping the card within the bag as it may be helpful however at the moment I don't understand it.

  2. I always wondered this too!

    I keep mines with the receipt and business card of my SA in the camellia card holder, in my safety deposit box at the bank.
  3. I keep mine in the box as well and for the ones where I've thrown away the box, I keep them in a business card holder (a small booklet with transparent inserts).
  4. I am afraid I would lose it if I keep it in the bag. I always keep it in the dust bag.
  5. Mine stays behind with the dust bag in my handbag closet. I see no need in carrying it around.
  6. I keep mine in the zipper compartment where they usually are when you buy them but I don't really have a reason for doing that! lol after reading your comments I guess it is smart to keep it in a secure location so it doesn't get lost!
  7. I think I've heard some youtubers mention that they keep it to prove their bag is authentic in case someone were to ask?

    I find it stupid too because of the lost/stolen situation. I always keep it separate with my other receipts.
  8. I have a confession to make.

    After reading this thread I feel so stupid lol.

    I am one of those women who keep authenticity cards and receipts in the pockets of their respective bags. I always did it because a) I felt that they (the cards) would never be lost that way; and b) because I was not thinking!!! Lol!

    It never dawned on me that if the bag is stolen (knock on wood); the cards would be there for the thief!! LOL!! Doh!

    Ok I learned something. I will keep the cards in their dust bags when I am using the bag from now on. Thank you ladies!!
  9. I was recently told by an SA to keep the card in the bag because if I ever brought in my bag to a Chanel store, then they could locate my details (or the bag's details) through the serial number. I just shook my head in acknowledgement knowing I'll decide my own thing. (Plus certain things are just lost in translation with language differences.) But, I agree with others that if you lost your purse or had it stolen, you'd want the card separately safe to prove its identify. I've heard YT-bers say they keep it in their bag because they would lose it otherwise.
  10. This is what i was told by my SA as well then she added that the authenticity card is more important than the hologram sticker (maybe because it can actually wear off in time ). Also in another boutique a SA was advising a customer to keep the card inside the bag or somewhere safe that it won't get lost.

  11. Surely if they recommended that; you can just keep the card on you the day you go to Chanel?
  12. Nah. I never carry it. It's stays with it's dustbag, box etc. I see no need to carry it around at all.
  13. Yup but i think they are kinda afraid of people losing their cards that is why they want us to keep the cards either inside the bag or to put somewhere that won't get lost. As long as you know/remember where your card is no need to carry it in the bag IMHO.
  14. I have a file for all my bags receipts and cards.
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    Last edited: Mar 15, 2016
    I might consider a "photocopy of the authenticity card" to keep in the zippered
    compartment/pocket of the bag, but am more inclined to keep the card in the
    box or dust bag for safe keeping.

    If one needs to go to Chanel for a repair, just bring the card along for
    authenticity purposes.

    For insurance purposes (home owner's policy) would also keep the receipt(s)
    w/photocopies in a safe secure place. If one has a safety deposit box, this
    is really the best place for receipts & other needed paperwork for proof of
    purchase besides cc receipts or checks.. If one has a "valuable collection of
    handbags" its also a good idea to photograph them & put on a disc & store