Keeping sliced apples from getting brown?

  1. Now that I'm in classes again, I've got to take snacks with me to avoid starving to death during my classes. Now that fall & winter is coming up, I'm going to be taking apples with me.

    Now...I don't know if this makes me sound picky, but I prefer to eat my apples sliced, not whole.

    How in the world can I keep my apples from getting brown for about 1.5 to 2 hours? Maybe wrap them in aluminum foil and then in a Tupperware box?

    I'd appreciate any tips you have :heart:
  2. I've always heard that squeezing lemon juice on cut apples will keep them from turning brown. I've never tried it, but you might want to gGive that a try.
  3. I've heard about the lemon thing as well. But ick...lemons :yucky:
  4. I heard that keeping it in water keeps them from becoming brown.
  5. The water sounds a bit impractical for me to take to classes, so I'll try the lemon thing. Hopefully it doesn't make my apples sour!!!
  6. That is a good question!! I always buy my apples already sliced in the produce section and they are never brown. I wonder what is put in the bag??!!
  7. I get those as well and it says they are coated with Vitamin C to preventing the browning.
  8. I actually DO squirt some lemon juice on apple slices to keep them from turning brown and it works pretty well. I normally only do that while I'm prepping for something though (maybe 30 minutes at the most?) so I don't know how well it will work if you keep them longer. The other trick that works is sticking the slices in fruit juice or light syrup (the kind that comes with canned fruit) but I guess this would make your snack less healthy:smile:
  9. From my mom, dip the apple in saltwater :yes: and will stay fresh for hours!
    *though not sure about the salty taste on the apple
  10. ^ yup saltwater. or rub some salt in and wash it off. the apples/ or pears do taste slightly salty :p
  11. I squeeze my sliced apples with lemon/lemon juice concentrate. it doesn't make my apples taste sour at all because it's not like you're "marinating" the apples in lemon juices. :p

    also, you can try pineapple juice (from the can.. like when you open a can of pineapple chunks (and the likes)).. you can use the juice and pour some on the sliced apples. I am not sure though if it will keep the apples from browning.. I haven't tried leaving my apples that long in the day..I usually eat them in an hour... like when driving (when I 1st tried doing the pineapple juice thingy instead of the lemon juice). :yes:
  12. We take sliced apples EVERYWHERE and our favorite thing to keep them from turning brown: Lime juice. Sometimes fresh and sometimes key lime juice that you find in the bar section. Yummy.
  13. put a mixture of lemon juice and a pinch of salt on mine works like a charm
  14. I've also heard of soaking it into saltwater then taking it out before class.

    My friend's family does it all the time and I thought it was a little strange. However, it didnt taste bad at all and you could just barely taste the salt. Worth giving it a try!
  15. I remember having to answer why lemon juice keeps apple slices from turning brown for my biology class. It was part of a series of questions we had to answer for homework.

    When we went over the assignment I remember being the only one to raise my hand and reading the answer from my paper word for word.

    When an apple is sliced, it's left vulnerable for oxidization. The citric acid from the lemon juice stop the oxidization process and works as a temporary preservative.

    (I couldn't remember the answer and had to look it up.)