keeping quiet about what I'm paying for my LV peices!

  1. So...yesterday DH takes me out for dinner and comments on my transparent and amarante bracelets.

    He says to me LOL... I like those bracelets... and at least those don't cost a much are they, fifty dollars?

    And ever so smooth me without even blinking say a little more than that dear... I'm glad you like them and I totally switch the conversation!

    My dh has no idea how much LV items are and if he found out... I have no idea how he would react.
  2. I hope he does not find out.
  3. Oh well...but then again, you won't be able to ask him to buy you anything from LV.
  4. I hate it when people ask about it all the time, I get asked a LOT how much I pay people making estimations all the time more often than not way too low estimations). I just say I never look at the price tag whe shopping LV. :rolleyes: Then switch conversation
  5. Lol I usually goto lv boutique with my husband so he knows how much lv costs...maybe I should start going by myself
  6. Lol yeah I got the same thing from my ex about the Inclusion stuff. But then he ended up still liking the way they look and how different they are.
  7. good move gf!!!!
  8. :roflmfao: this is funny... haha
  9. haha! that goes for me too!!! Ive been saving money cutting on our excessive household supplies so when I withdraw money to add to what ive saved he'll think that what i withdrew is just the amount of the purse! :shame:

    He really doesnt mind the price of the big bags (he even gifted me with it) but he'll go nuts if he finds out that small items are costly as well!:biggrin:
  10. yah...tell me about's so hard to tell 'em the mom kept asking me how much my denim sac plat was yesterday..and my brother says, "at least $500"...I'm like "uh..." can't imagine how they would react if I tell 'em it's over $1k....
  11. I totally down grade the price of all my LV items. BF would kill me if he actually knew what I spent.
  12. A couple of years ago I cam home from the mall with an Alma Damier. I told my husband that I got a great deal on the clearance table at LV.
    And yes he believed me!!
  13. That's really funny! I do that, too! I do not tell my BF how much anything costs and if he persists I always tell him a lower price than what I paid. If he ever found out, he would kill me and never allow me to buy LV!
  14. My DH knows pretty much how much everything I won costs. Since I handle the money he just says as long as we can afford it buy it.
  15. Some things are better left the cost of our