keeping purchases on the DL

  1. Ok, I'm living with my parents right now until I finish grad school. Yes, I know it's lame! But it is free and I actually do enjoy spending time with them...usually.

    However, since the whole point of living at home is to save money, they are VERY suspicious any time a package arrives for me -- "NO MORE PURSES," they yell when the ups man arrives. They also get annoyed by the influx of beauty supply products.

    So I constantly find myself "lurking" around the front door in an effort to head off the mailman/ups guy, and plotting ways to get the packages b/f parents see them.

    Funny thing is, I always thought that if I "grew up," moved out, and got married, this foolishness would stop -- but from what I can see here, some of you are in the same situation w/ you DH's and So's, lol!

    Any amusing stories -- or useful tips!!!:yes: -- about slipping those unnecessary luxuries by prying eyes??

    PS -- not sure if this is gen disc or purse specific...please just move me if I'm in the wrong space, thanks!!
  2. Have everything delivered to your department office on campus or get a ups box at Mail Boxes etc or sweet talk a neighbor into taking your packages for you. Also, you can arrange to have things sent when you know that your parents won't be there - this is tricky, though. always always get tracking numbers so you aren't surprised by your arrivals and see if you can usher your folks out the door on those days.
  3. i always ask to be sent to my parents' house because i'm staying with my bf. :P
    and i told them that it was a package from my friends
  4. I usually mail the packages to my aunt or bf's house, pick it up and hide it in the trunk of my car, then sneak it into my room after mom (dad's cool about my bags) is asleep. What a workout! :angel:
  5. Ha ha... I used that line before too, especially around the holidays. :roflmfao:
  6. ha ha ha... we're soooo bad irissy :P
    and luckily my parents know that i have friends everywhere round the globes so they assumes that it really was from my friend.
  7. i don't shop online and only pay cash so he doesn't see *exactly* how much things cost. i also consolidate shopping bags before i come in the house...for some reason one big bag isn't as scary as lots of little bags even though the excursions where i end up with lots of little bags instead of say a big silver or brown one are much much cheaper! :biggrin:
  8. Oooo. I kept looking for the UPS guy yesterday, hoping to head him off before he rang the doorbell. Didn't work. Doorbell rang, I went out and picked up the box, and there was my husband... "What did you buy now?" :shame:
  9. LOL I can so relate! I cringe when UPS comes after 6 p.m. or Saturdays because I know there is no hiding it from hubby then! Thank goodness he is becoming used to bags coming and going.
  10. Well I tend to try to buy bags in person

    so what i've started doing, is bringing stuff in in a shopping bag from a store in the mall
    and then stashing it away in its dust bag

    to be brought out at a ntoehr time
    and be like ohhh i bought this months ago
    you must not remember
  11. i tell my DH that the bag was a very good deal :P...
  12. I met the UPS man driving up the road last night. And my son has learned to grab and run and hide boxes from UPS.
  13. omg, this is the story of my life. i've pretty much done everything listed here :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :lol: :lol: i'm very lucky my 2-yr-old cannot form long sentences enough to rat on me yet :lol: :lol: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  14. My mother is all up in my purchases. So that's why I always ask for packages to be shipped to my nearest store. I have very few items actually delivered because my mother does not want to see another purse.

    I usually wait a few weeks before I use something new so that when she looks at it and says 'when did you get this'. I just say 'oh this is old'.
  15. I'm lucky cuz my hubbie works all day and so when the UPS/Fed Ex man comes I don't really have to worry about getting caught. There was this one time when the UPS guy during lunchtime and my hubbie was home. He asked "what did you buy now?" Just told him it was an Ebay purchase. LOL.