Keeping our handbags in great shape

  1. Hi Ladies-

    I just received the dream bag in burgundy and it is absolutely gorgeous. I was worried it would be too big, but that is not the case at all. It looks fantastic. Anyway, enough raving- the bag is red leather and suede and I was wondering what the best leather/suede protectant is out there to keep my hangbag looking great. Thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I've been using Appleguarde Rain & Stain repellant on both leather and suede with fantastic results! In fact, I stupidly wore new suede boots out yesterday in a major downpour, but they dried perfectly fine.
  3. another vote for Applegarde rain & stain repellant! test it on the bottom of the bag first, but it should be fine. i purchased online at
    i also got the Leather care kit to clean and condition bags only if they get really dirty or for lighter/white bags.
  4. Thanks for the post and responses! I've been wondering the same thing for some time, as I've been using some cheap stuff from Target as a protectant, and always fear it's not really doing anything.

    Although, for a leather cleaner and conditioner, I use and love Coach's leather cleaner and conditioner.
  5. I have had great luck with apple care leather conditioner and the wilson's leather and suede protectant spray.
  6. LMB also makes some good stuff, including a product for handles to keep them from turning darker from oil and dirt: