Keeping My speedy and neverfull looking good

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  1. Hi everyone. I'm new to LV and purses in general so I'm looking for advice on how to keep my bags looking their best. I just aquired a Cherry Speedy 25 and the Mono Neverfull GM. Is there anything I should put on my bags to protect them or any product recommendations if they should get dirty. I plan to be very careful with my bags but just in case I would like to know what to do. Thank you for any advice or help.
  2. you can use apple guard leather conditioner on the vachetta which will remove any surface dirt and protect it from water stains. See the cleaning protecting section for more information. I use apple guard and i love it. It really cleaned up even the oldest dirtiest handles, and made them really soft too. And just as an FYI Louis Vuitton can replace for example speedy handles for around $200.
  3. thank you for the info.