Keeping My Leather Cocoa Tote????

  1. Hi, I really hate that I have this tiny doubt in my mind about this bag. I really do love it alot. If I were to return it...what do you all think would be a good sustitute?? I love big bags...not too structured...and it has to go over my shoulder. The leather has to be very wearable. Sounds just like my leather Cocoa tote.:confused1:
  2. The Coco Cabas?? is that the one you are talking about?? If so.. the modern chain is a great substitute... its 2 times the price though!!
  3. I am talking about the cocoa cabas tote. Is the modern chain a shoulder bag?? I want a shoulder bag. Thanks
  4. Are you thinking of replacing it with another Chanel bag, or do you not have a preference as to who makes the bag?
  5. I would like to replace with another Chanel bag.
  6. I think the CoCo Cabas is perfect! But if you aren't completely satisfied, I say return it and get something you REALLY want :smile:
  7. I was unsure about my COCO bag until I used it. It really grows on you. Now I love it after spending all weekend carrying it!
  8. I decided to keep it. :love: