Keeping keys from scratching leather interior

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  1. A key-holder is not an option for me. I have way too many keys + car remotes.

    What do you ladies do? I end up holding my keys or giving them to my date to carry! It's awful and makes me not want to take out my leather-lined Chanel bags or buy new ones, which is terrible because I think the leather-lining is lovely. Keys ruin that really quickly, however!

    What do you do?
  2. I use a cles (LV key chain holder) but I know what you mean about scratching the interior of bags. What about looping your keys in a key ring and then putting them in a small cosmetic bag? I've seen my friends do that.
  3. I'll need to find a very small cosmetics bag to fit! Maybe I can get a smaller Coach wristlet for this purpose... good idea, bluekit!
  4. A coach wristlet would be fun!! :heart: I also love these inexpensive, throw-around cosmestic bags from LeSportsac.
  5. I have a small pouch in my bag just for keys, hair clips, small pens and other sharp objects. It really saves me the agony of fearing scratches in my bag.
  6. I put my in jewelry pouch.
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