Keeping it! I just couldn't do it !!!!!!!

  1. I just wanted to let y'all know that I am keeping my large Carly... It has been reprieved! I had it up on eBay and was getting the amount I wanted for it but I just couldn't stand to see it go!:crybaby:

    So, I think I will get a medium Carly TOO, so I can have both sizes! As for the color transfer issue... I guess I will have to be careful:rolleyes:

    MY DH will not be happy.. he gets excited when I sell my bags because he thinks I will use the money for something else that is more practical:roflmfao:

    here is a happy Carly pic for your pleasure!!
    DSCN1919.JPG DSCN1921.JPG
  2. LOL! You sound like me. I have the same bag only the medium. I couldnt decide what to do so its being e-bayed too!! Glad you love your large, it really looks great on you!~
  3. Your bag looks great on you! It's hard to get rid of some bags. I had a white ali that I loved looking at but didn't use. I ebayed it about 3 times before I finally let it go to a new home! And my dh is the same way! I use my bag money to fund more bags though so he's always disappointed! LOL!
  4. Yeah for Carly's last minute reprieve!! You won't regret it! I have a Carly in each size now and use them all. Your large Carly is so pretty :love:
  5. ooohhhh I dont' blame you! That bag on you looks hot!!! :tup: Glad you grabbed her back before it was too late!!! :yes:
  6. :woohoo: YAY!!!

    I'm still on the fence about my medium Carly. I have the same one as you (choco canvas large) and I can't even imagine parting with it. I may let the medium go.....
  7. its beautiful! Glad you didn't sell it. You would've had sellers' remorse down the road! :yes:
  8. i want the denim one just like that...your makin me wanna look...
  9. I'd love any Cotton Carly! Congrats on the great decision!
  10. So glad you decided to keep it, it looks great on you!
  11. It really looks great on you! I can see why you kept it.
  12. I love that carly, it looks fab on you! The more carlys' the better!
  13. It looks great on you!
  14. Good idea! It looks awesome on you! Congratulations on NOT putting the money to more practical items! lol.
  15. It's beautiful on you! Good choice to keep it.