keeping highighted hair silky in summer????

  1. I highlight my hair and in the summer especially - with hot sun and all, I have trouble keeping it silky - I use Fekkai glossing cream but I think I need something better - anyone have this problem???? Thx.
  2. BED head afterparty is my fav.

    Texture -- Use this before blowdrying

    Paul mitchell hair glass

    I used to use the first two hand in hand all the time.

    The reason i stopped is because i dyed all my hair dark brown. so now i just use the afterparty
  3. i try not to heatstyle most days. i haven't touched a blow dryer in ages...i just let my hair dry in a pony tail and straighten it later if i have something special going on.

    i LOVE sebastion potion's my favorite leave in. biosilk is also nice. i use ojon oil as my deep treatment once or twice a week. smells...strong (like tobacco...not cig smoke but like the plant). it's a love it or hate it thing....but it makes your hair so soft it's worth it either way. :smile:
  4. Oh gosh I've had this same problem...I used to be addicted to getting highlights and it made my hair so dry! I've used everything from Nexxus Emergencee to Joico's K-pak, Redken's anti-snap, Matrix's Smooth line, Kerastease's Masqueintense, etc I could keep going :wacko: My bathroom looks like a hair product warehouse LOL. None of them really had any dramatic changes for me.. :sad:

    So I ended up laying off the highlights.. I just get them done during the summer now. And I found the combination that works best for me is Redken's All Soft Shampoo alternated with Neutrogena's T-Sal Shampoo and Dove's Moisture Rich shampoo...(switching shampoos throughout the week helps prevent build up) and I finish off with Garnier Deep Conditioner alternated with Neutrogena Deep Conditioner. And I blow dry and then straighten with my Chi ceramic flat iron.. and YAY I have pretty shiny hair again :yahoo: (except when it rains.. but that's another story :lol:)
  5. Ooh I found some pics.. just so you all know how much repeated highlighting can damage your hair here are some before and after pics:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Check out the DRY icky hair with highlights + straightening in the first pic.. the ends are fried :Push: and the second pic is of me a few months later when I stopped getting them. My hair is still kind of dry from flat ironing it straight, but not as parched as with highlights.

    I'm a strong advocate of laying off highlights if you have dry hair now LOL.
  6. hrm. i honestly don't see a difference in your hair at all...both pictures look very healthy and pretty, especially for how much you say you flat iron. :smile:

    sparkles you are a gorgeous girl!! :flowers: i can't wait til my hair gets that long.
  7. ^ Aww thanks ilzabet :flowers: I've cut off like 4 or 5 inches since then.. it's too hot to have long hair in the summer.

    Hmm I'll try and dig up worse pics.. at one point I remember finding hairs with like triple split end points when I had highlights :shocked: it was horrible
  8. I highlight my hair all year long and to keep it soft and silky in the summer I never dry it, just comb and let it dry naturally, I put a leave in conditioner BEFORE getting in the pool and then always wash the clorine out of my hair after getting out, that can dry it more than anything else. I also love Biosilk silk therapy.
  9. OK- I highlight..and I found the GREATEST PRODUCT EVER! I use Bumble and Bumble damage therapy leave rocks...instant results...I think its the very first time I have been BOWN away by a product....
    I also use the damage therapy conditioner in the shower once a week..this one washes out..The first is a leave in.
  10. The Redken Blonde Glam conditioner is amazing!!
    Other products...
    Bed Head: After Party! I LOVE the smell too.
    I also love Graham Webb's stick straight smoothing gel. I have wavy, highlighted hair and use a little of either of these after my hair is dry and it keeps it smoothed out (I get frizzy hair really easily).
  11. Jill, where do you buy the Bumble and Bumble? I have terrible split ends from trying to bleach black hair dye out of my hair when I got tired of it. I did this about a year and a half ago and my hair is still suffering from it!
  12. Oh I just remembered.. is a GREAT resource for advice on hair products. I learned about the Chi straightener & the Garnier deep conditioner from the girls over there :smile:
  13. Sparkles, you are so pretty!

    My hair is naturally oily, so I like that highlights dry it out a little! But I use Pantene Color Revival Conditioner, Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine, and Tresemme Shine Spray to keep it at its smooth, shiny best.
  14. Cutiepie-
    Bumble and Bumble has their website..put in your location and they will show you who sells it closest to you..Its wont beleive how great your hair looks and feels RIGHT after you dry it...
  15. LOL thanks Bagluver.. you're too sweet! :blush: I love that we're both ADPis, went to the same college, and we both like Garnier (I swear it's better than some of the $$$ hair stuff I've tried!).. the coincidences continue!! :lol: