keeping hands looking youthful?

  1. I want to start now and take preventative measures against aging hands.. anyone know where to start?
  2. I wear sunscreen on the backs of my hands daily. I've done this for about 10 years now. I'm actually thinking about incorporating a nightly retinoid (as I do for my face.) Hands are are something that really show a person's age; and though mine aren't particularly lovely (short and wide!) at least my skin is pretty!
  3. ^Such a good idea!
  4. treat your hands the same way you treat your face (and do your neck too!). I use the same moisturizer and sunscreen for both. that's how you can always tell if a woman had a face lift, face looks young, hands look old
  5. Jean is right: sunscreen is KEY!

    But my hands have looked ancient since I was 15.

    Good genes in other areas, bad genes for hands.

    Now I put a bit of
    {liquid foundation diluted with hand lotion}
    on the back of my hands for social occasions and special events.
  6. Sometimes it's genetic. I have my mom's icky hands! But realistically, it isn't so bad especially since my hands are in water all day long! They could be worse.
    I will admit to giving them the same TCA treatments and glycolic acid peels I do on my face. Does it help? Who knows? Does it hurt?......NOPE, so I do it!
    I do apply thick, greasy lotions all of the time in the salon, too.
  7. Hands & feet are the give away. Take care of them like your face. And pray!
  8. I recently starting using whatever I use on my face on my hands as well after a guy told me my hands looked old! It's been a few months, and last week my facialist told me I have fabulously young looking hands. And, I believed her! They feel baby soft now. Worth every penny. My hands and my neck are my new best friends! I use La Mer on both and keep them as moisturized as possible.
  9. I use cuticle cream 2-3 times a day! Theres a start!

    O and put on lotion and wear those microfiber gloves at night!
  10. Sunscreen in the daytime and a drop of emu oil massaged in at night :smile:
  11. For the last 10 years I have always taken a moment when I first arrive to work to put on some neutrogena hand lotion on my palms, tops of hands and elbows if I'm wearing a short sleeved top. Most recently it's the New Hands spf 15 treatment. I tell you, it pays off!
  12. Thanks ladies! You all inspired me to wear sunblock on my hands. I moisturize them all the time, but I never protect them from the sun. I am a stickler for putting sunblock on my face, so why not my hands? :smile:
  13. Use moisturizers and put a cotton glove over it at night.... you'll wake up to very nice hands!
  14. I love my hands a lot! I am avoid doing hard-work and use Lamer hand cream.
  15. i use Jurlique hand moisturizer every night.
    my bf swears by the cotton glove over night method.
    whenever i handwash my clothes, i wear rubber gloves.
    i also use moisturizing handwash.