Keeping both corriere and ciao ciao?

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  1. I bought both of these bags in citta, since it was on sale. They are both crossbody you think I should keep both of them. They both have their advantages. Ciao Ciao is for stuffing a lot of stuff in. Corriere gives some shape...making sure that certain things in the bag won't get squashed.
  2. Hey, if you don't have any buyer's remorse and you love both bags... then I say keep 'em :tup:
  3. the question u should ask is... do you think you shouldn't keep them ;)

    just curious tho... how much were they on sale for? and just to clarify they are both citta?
  4. I have a lot of bags that are the same print but different styles. But I do try to make sure they are quite different. Unless it was a KILLER deal I'm not sure I'd keep both a ciao ciao and a corriere in the same print. THey are just too similar.
  5. I prefer the Corriere.
  6. I prefer the Ciao Ciao, shows off the whole print. I quite frankly hate the look of the Corriere; I think it's poorly designed and not pretty at all, but that's just my opinion.
  7. I would say keep the bag that is the most functional style for you. If you think you'd use them both .... keep both :biggrin:

    haha I'm really no help with this ... I always say "keep them" :shame:
  8. you already own them! it would be a hassle to return one of them since you already own them. thinking this always makes me feel better.
  9. wow, I'm in the same situation, I have foresta ciao ciao and foresta corriere. I love both, but I like more corriere style. I paid over retail for ciao ciao so I'm going to keep it but if I hadn't paid that much for that bag, I would have sold it, but nobody is going to pay me what I paid.
  10. I used to have a foresta ciaociao and I have a inferno corriere... I sold my foresta ciaociao cuz it wasnt functional for me even though I love the print so much...I just found it weird to wear it unfolded, so in order for me to use it would always have be folded..I rather use my ciao unfolded :biggrin: for my corriere I think its functional to hold more things and its more accessible than the ciaociao (unless you wear it unfolded already)... so it really depends if you can find uses for both them, if you can why not keep both?? :graucho:
  11. Haha...I would love to trade my citta corriere with your foresta corriere! I can't find any foresta corrieres here (or any corrieres at all)!
  12. Both of the bags were cittas. The corriere was for 130 and the ciao ciao for 100. I think the ciao ciao is a good deal.
  13. I have a Foresta Corriere that I love! If you aren't afraid of eBay, look at 73papasmurfs auctions!
  14. I say keep em :graucho:
  15. Wow... US$100 for a Citta Ciao Ciao??!! That's a very good deal!!! Where did you get it from?? I'm looking for a Citta Ciao Ciao and Citta Rosa Ciao Ciao as the 2nd choice..