Keeping bags you don't use

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I'm shocked (and delighted!!) to see the massive collections some of you have in the Showcase forum.

    I'm curious: do you actually USE all these bags? Some of your collections are so big I would imagine you wouldn't get to use one handbag a dozen times annually.

    So generally speaking, do you keep bags you don't use around? If so, why?

    I get rid of bags (on ebay) the second I know I'll never use it more than a few times a year... mostly to fund my next purchase! :shame:
  2. That's sounds very rational:biggrin: I believe many of us do the same thing as you do.
  3. I don't use all my bags but I keep them anyway :biggrin: I can't bring myself to part with any of them! :sad:
  4. I JUST sent two of my LV's to be sold as I had not carried them in a year. (it broke my heart) Once the oleather turns on the handles Im just not so interested. Isnt that terrible! However, someone out there will love to get the ones I toss aside as they are in great shape.
  5. I'm very, very picky when it comes to buying handbags (I have to hold it, touch it, examine it, try it out) so it's extremely hard for me to part with any of my bags so, if and when I do let them go.... they go to my baby niece.
  6. Some of my bags I consider collector's items that I will not part with even though I cannot use them everyday: for example, my Fendi sequinned spy, and Chanel 2.55 reissue in gray. The rest I rotate depending on the weather, and my outfit.
  7. i don't sell mine. i keep them all!
  8. I do a little of both. I used to have 10-12 Coach bags and i sold all but 2 to get some money for some LV bags.

    But I look at the LV bags as part of my collection and don't think I'll sell them. I only have 3- if I had like 30 then I could see myself selling some.

    I was thinking about getting rid of my speedy 25 when the handles get dark, but I think i'll keep it just to use as a bag that I don't care about getting dirty.

    Like I think I'll use it when I go to Disneyworld in May b/c I wouldn't be upset if it got a little wet or dirty.
  9. I've been back and forth on selling my old bags that I don't really use anymore and late last year, I finally decided to sell some on ebay. So far, I've sold 4 of my old Coach bags. One of them was actually still brand new with the tags attached! However there is one I do regret selling- the coach optic signature pink lurex demi- and since then, i've been hesitant to sell.
  10. I'm like you Noriko. I'm so attached to them, I can't bear the thought of cutting any of them loose!
  11. I'm with the keepers.
  12. I don't use them. I should cause I spet money on it but I don't. I have this thing where I collect and hoard stuff. I mentioned in another thread that as a kid, I can't use a stationery or sticker set unless I have two cause then I will be sad when the set I have is all gone. I've been told I have mild OCD (there are lots of other symptoms that I have).
  13. If you don't have anyone to pass them on to, do you make that much money selling them if they have been really used? My problem (I would think) would be that by the time I'm ready to get rid of a bag, it's becasue it is worn out and then nobody would pay anything for it.
  14. Most of my bags I keep, but occasionally, I will sell them since I don't use some. It gives me comfort that someone else will love them (I hope). But the decision is always hard....boyfriend needs to pry them from my hands when I sell one.
  15. I have come as far as listing some of my bags on eBay, but in the morning I had to cancel all the auctions because I couldn't stand the fact that I am selling my babies!!!:lol: