keeping bags for 'best'

  1. Just wondering, those of you out there who only have a few 'designer' bags - do you save them for best or use them regularly. I've only got a couple of 'nice' bags and seem to be saving them for days when 1) I'm not working, and 2) no kids days - which are very few and far between!! Seems a shame not to be getting much use out of them but at the same time taking a bag worth £££ to work to shove in a dirty cupboard at work or using them with my sticky fingered 2 year old around just doesn't seem sensible! They'll get alot more use when all my kids are at school but that's 3 years away!!
  2. I havde a hard time with this one myself....I also have a sticky fingered 2 year old so I know what you mean! :lol: I am about to buy my first LV and I know it will be very hard for me to get used to using it, but then again that is what it's for, you know?! I think after spending so much money you should enjoy it! :yes:
  3. I use my designer bags all the time not matter where I am but I wouldn't use e.g. my Chanel when I spend a day around younger kids. I just use my LV or Balenciaga and when we go to the lake or beergarden I take my Kooba.
    I actually don't have any non designer bags anymore so I have to pick one of my bags.
    I would use the nice bags you have because what's the point to just have them sitting in the closet. May be a LV damier would be good for work or hanging with your kid because they're pretty indestructable.
  4. I used to keep my bags for best, but now I think if I'm not going to use them there's not much point having them. If you have children then how about using something like the Prada nylon bags - they can be wiped clean if they get dirty and some of the messengers are really practical for carrying lots of kids junk :biggrin:

    I'm having a bit of a purge of my bag collection at the moment because I have a few bags that just sit in my wardrobe looking pretty. I'm going to replace them with more practical items that I'll use. I don't have children or anything, but I'm a career lady who carries a lot of gadgets and I'm sick of rummaging round in the bottom of my bag for my PDA and portable hard drive. I need something with loads of compartments that doesn't look like a horrible briefcase.
  5. I use them. I'm the zillionth person who'll say I spent the money to ENJOY it, not have it sitting in a closet. Same thing with nice jewelry--I wear it every day because otherwise it was a waste of $$$! Obviously you can't be totally blase though--I use LV when it rains or when I go to a ballgame because the canvas is water-resistant and wipes clean. I highly recommend LV canvas for moms of toddlers!!
  6. I have a bunch of designer bags, although not half as many as most of the PF members (or so it seems) - My Marc Jacob Capra Satchel is my newest and most favorite - as a result, I keep it safe in it's dust cover most of the time - I have to have a good reason to wear it - I know that's crazy.
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  7. I use mine everyday and rotate them every week.
    But no kids yet so not sure how I will handle those sticky fingers. :smile:
  8. I use some of my more expensive bags, for some reason I feel self conscious of wearing my logo bags, like LV, Diors, and Guccis to grocery shopping or school. I like to carry my fendi spy and baby spy a lot though, it's more low key to me. Just do whatever you're comfortable with.
  9. I only own two designer bags right now. I don't have kids, so I don't have to worry about them getting messy that way. I carry them all the time. I figure I paid a lot of money, so I better get all the enjoyment and use out them I can.
  10. i rotate my bags frequently so i can enjoy each and everyone and not just let it sit in the closet..
  11. I use all of my bags and dont worry too much about getting them dirty or damaged. So far I haven't had any "accidents" of this nature, but then again, I don't have kids, so maybe thats why? :smile:
  12. I use whatever looks best with my outfit and coat. Which means there's a regular rotation.
  13. i can only afford a few designer bags so those come out on special occassions. i don't want anything to happen to them considering a paid a pretty penny (ok, more like many pretty pennies) for them
  14. That's what I'm getting- a damier speedy, and that is one of the reasons I chose it- the virtually indestructable factor ;)
  15. I used to do this a few years ago... I mean keeping my nicer bags in my closet until there came the "perfect time" (no rain, no dust, no mud, not even the remote possibility of them getting the tiniest bit dirty LOL) before I would carry them out. :roflmfao: Since then I've fortunately come to my senses and realized that they DESERVE to be worn! Which is kinda a bad thing cuz now I'm investing only in designer bags... ouch for my wallet LOL!