Keeping anonymity on Ebay?

  1. Some of these threads of eBay weirdos/stalkers got me thinking... what level of anonymity *can* you keep when you buy or sell on eBay? That is, how easy is it for people to get your address, name, etc? I've always kind of wondered about that, that is someone knowing who I am and where I live because they've bought something from me; can you get that info just by bidding on something? Has anyone successfully been active on eBay while keeping their personal details under wraps?

    Not to be super-paranoid, but it freaks me out a little. You never know who you could be dealing with, ya know?
  2. you never really know.

    If you sell a lot on eBay or sell high $ items, I'd recommend getting a P.O. box. I know a lot of people do this.
  3. A lot of sellers wont post to a PO so why should a purchaser be happy with buying from someone with a PO. If you are buying big $ items I think that anonymity should go out the door.
  4. I buy and sell and only list my po box, it is actually safer.

    I am in a rural area, ALL my mail goes to a po box. I don't understand why sellers wouldn't want to ship to a po box, my packages are always stuck in a box and I am given a key, they scan the DC # before they put it in. UPS is constantly leaving packages at my front gate...I am on 5 acres my house sits on the back and the gate is of course at the front of the property, not really safe at all.
  5. Kind of a different angle on this question -- do most people who belong to TPF sell on ebay using the same member name?
  6. ^not me:nogood: NO WAY!
  7. I started thinking about that too and this is what a TPFr told me:
    I think its quite helpful but expensive for me since i seldom sell items.
  8. Not me.
  9. I agree. I've never understood why someone wouldn't want to ship to a PO Box...I get all my mail at the PO myself. If a package comes to the house the mailman just leaves it on my front porch, in plain sight. No one is home anywhere near me, so if someone drove by and took the package I'd be out, because the delivery confirmation scan would show the package being delivered.

    I'd love to hear from some sellers about the reason for refusing to ship to a PO Box
  10. I definitely don't.
    And still, there are a couple of non-paying bidders I'd like to post on the NPB thread on here, but I'm leery because I know someone can find my seller name that way. And I don't really want that. I guess I'm too paranoid.

  11. Nope:nogood:
  12. One bad thing about a PO Box address is that UPS or FedEx won't deliver to it.
    Yes, all a crook has to do is BIN one of your auctions and he/she will have your name and address. If he/she doesn't pay its no skin off their nose as they have what they wanted. I also write to new, young sellers who post pics of their babies in their auctions. NO NO NO!! Too many sick people out there who can get your name and address and kidnap that baby. People don't think of the worst scenarios sometimes and then when a baby disappears they wonder what happened. Sorry....sounds paranoid but then I am. I'm a victim of 4 armed robberies and I trust NO ONE with anything anywhere. It puts the fear of God into you and you just learn not to take any chances.
  13. ^^ No, you're not paranoid, I totally see what you're saying. You hit the nail on the head of what bothers me-- i.e., Buy it Now and you've got access to all kinds of info.

    Can ebayers get your personal information (address, phone) if they're not involved in a transaction with you? :wondering:
  14. no, but i'm sure at some point, some members can put two and two together and figure it out. i actually know some tPFers' ebay names, but it's not something i would share, or for that matter, even tell them that i knew. i would prefer people not knowing, but what can you do?
  15. What you can do: Upgrade to a business account.

    It's free, and instead of your name, they will see whatever you put as your business name. They still have your address, but at least your name is more anonymous. Buyers can still request your name and address from paypal with a quick click of a button though. (And you will get an email titled "notification of contact information request")