Keeping an azur clean inside!

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  1. I just purchased a "like new" NF in DA. I am a "toss it in and go" kind of girl, so I don't necessarily want an organizer...but my mono NF is my beater bag and it's fairly worn on the interior. Would a base shaper help me keep my DA cleaner? Or should I go with an organizer? Any other suggestions are welcome!
  2. An organizer would definitely help, but if you don't want to use one you can keep your items in pochette's/pouches this way nothing is loose around your bag & it will stay nice & clean, HTH
  3. I just make sure not to leave any open items in my bag...the insides of my azurs are very clean :smile:

  4. I try hard to do that, but I have a wild 2.5yo son, so sometimes a rogue cracker or something ends up in the bottom of my bag. :sad:
  5. A rogue cracker is much better than a fruit snack on a warm day. :amuse: It depends on where your bag gets the stains. If it's just in the very bottom, a base shaper probably would work. If it's throughout your bag, I'd use an organizer.

  6. So true!!! I need to inspect my GM more and see where the spots are. I love to comfy/loose aspect of this bag, so I hate to put something in it, but the interior is so light!!