Keeping all my Hermes...

  1. I love my Birkins and Kellys and also my Chanels. I am thinking of "downsizing" my closet and reinvesting in more Hermes. What is the best way to sell? Consignment, eBay or are there other options? Is this an acceptable subject for tPF? If not, please disregard.
  2. :party: Hi, I would say ebay. I have sold many bags on ebay and had great success. (I sold most of my LV and Chanel bags to buy my Hermes) Take great pictures of your bags and try to find pictures of celebrities carrying the bag your selling. Believe it or not it makes the bidding go higher. Set a reserve your comfortable with and make the bidding start a $1.00. It generates more interests. Good Luck. BTW what Hermes bag are you saving up for?
  3. Thank you for the advice and tips.

    As far as which bag I am saving for... I think the next one should be a 35 black Birkin... exotic??? maybe??? Ooo that was hard to say considering the price.
  4. 2muchlux--I think many of us have done what you're considering, and I haven't looked back since; all my Hermes is pretty much here to stay. All of my trendier bags went via eBay which wasn't too bad although it was time-consuming, and at the end of the day after PayPal fees and eBay fees it will cost you around 10-15% of your price (if I remember correctly). Consignment is an easier way to go but the fees they charge you are a lot higher than if you were to do it yourself.
  5. Did you already register for the Marketplaza here on the Pf? That is another great option
  6. would agree - most of my Prada and Lv collection has gone on ebay to buy Hermes, but i know i'll get years of wear out of the Hermes rather than my trendy one-season bags. plus Hermes is more of an investment as it holds value better than other second-hand bags. if you have original store receipts (obviously with your details removed!)to include with your bags so much the better, i find this always helps too. good luck!
  7. But don't sell everything to buy more Hermes though! Keep a couple of your favorites!
  8. Great advice, Aspen. That's what I did and now my closet is 99% Hermes with a smattering of Chanel and one LV which I inherited from my Mother when she passed.