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  1. Well I’m on the fence here. I bought 2 pairs of the uptown’s as they were on sale from $895 to 375.90. So I basically got 2 pair for less than the cost of one. I definitely want to keep the black pair but on the fence about the nudes. The price point is too good to pass up. I have a pair of lower heeled Kaitlyn pan studded shoes but I figured the uptown’s were more neutral if I needed a less glitzy shoe.

    I like that they are a good height for me and that they have straps so I don’t walk out of them.

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. You should keep both shoes. As you said, the price is just too good. :biggrin:
    The shoes should be comfortable enough to wear them the whole day.
  3. I would keep both. I find the studded trend to be overplayed. These more subtle and refined beige CLs look so much more elegant!
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  4. Sorry! Not sure how I missed the replies on my post. Yes, thank you. I am keeping both. I think it will be hard to find another pair of CL's that are a cute and walkable heel with the ankle straps.
  5. Yes, I'm keeping both! I think I feel so guilty spending so much around the holidays. I tried them both on again and I do love them..Now if only spring would get here!