1. Been browsing the LV website, inspired by the Steffi Graf/ Andre Agassi Journey feature, and was looking at the Keepalls. :nuts:

    Are these a good luggage choice? I am a huge fan of my Speedy 30 and wondered if the Keepalls were as good. Are they easy to carry if they have a shoulder strap? What size is best?
    I'm quite attracted to them as they are an LV classic design and the first "soft" travelling bags, but am usually a rucksack girl when travelling.

    Please let me know what you think or if you are an owner and have good or bad points about Keepalls.


  2. I have the white mc which is a 45. The handles on that one are long enough to put on my shoulder. I also have the 50 with a strap. I love them both. I find the bigger the keepall, the heavier it gets. I would stick to either the 45 or 50. They are awesome!
  3. I just went out to LV today and bought a Keepall! I got the 50 with strap and hoping I made the right size choice. I plan to use it for overnight/weekend bag to hold clothes, toiletries, pair of shoes/boots, etc ...Experts pls chime in!!!
  4. OK, this is what I think:

    Car travel: the Keepall is perfect for car travel. The thing will get packed and will be heavy, and do you want to carry that thru the airport on your shoulder? I have the Azur Keepall 50 no strap.

    Air Travel, carry on: you will want a Pegase or the new bag, anything with wheels.

    Luggage is the best, safe travels!
  5. Does anybody know what the max size for a keepall is (in terms of using it as a carry-on)? I want to get a 55 but I am not sure if that would be allowed as a carry on.
  6. OH i lvoe the keepalls you would be very smart to get one.
  7. This is exactly what I was thinking - Keepall for car and roller for airport. Hate carrying anything larger than a big handbag at the airport and a roller bag is a pain in the you know what in the car!
  8. I'd think about geting the Keepall 45 or 50 or possibly the Carryall. I've had the Keepall 55 before and it was too big for my needs and got heavy real fast.
  9. Love my Keepall... It does get kinda heavy even with the strap...
  10. I have the black epi keepall 45 and monogram keepall 45. I was advised that this size is safest to use as a carry-on since some airlines might not accept a 50cm bag (but this is Australia not the US)...Epi is great because I don't have to worry about the vachetta, keeping in mind that unlike the speedy there are two vachetta strips that extend around the bag so you have to worry about where you put the mono keepall.

    I haven't found having no shoulder strap or wheels an issue because I generally only put light things in the bag when I travel...mostly clothes and essentials like a toothbrush in case my checked in luggage goes missing. Love my keepalls (I even use them for uni) so I highly recommend getting one! I would love a 45 Azur :nuts:
  11. too bad the damier or azur do not come in the 45.. otherwise they are the cutie twins :drool:
  12. ^^ Wouldn't they! I wonder which is the most popular keepall size.. does anyone know?
  13. For travel within the United States and internationally I've been able to use the 55 with no problem at all. Hope that helps! Good luck!
  14. Thanks for that guys! I think I'd plump for a 45 with strap if I got one, as I travel by train and it wouldn't be too heavy to lug around.
  15. i love my 45. it's the perfect overnight or weekender. i also love using it as a carry on for flights.