Keepalls on Ebay- so many of them!

  1. So- yesterday I picked up my MIL at the airport and saw this BEEEEEEEAUTIFUL Keepall 45- magnificent!!

    I went to eBay and searched for one- wow there are a lot on eBay right now- all kinds- LE and even a waterproof one-

    What are you opinions on the Keepall- esp. the 45--?
  2. Love it! Considering purchasing one myself.
  3. It's a great bag for everyday use too! I love mine except you will have to be careful when you are wearing JEANS as it will transfer the blue stains to the bag and I have been a cleaning slave to the few LV bags I owned as usually I wear jeans and using it as a sling bag, the blue stains gets onto the straps!
  4. Love Love Love my Keepall's..........well, I sold my 50 a few mths ago but still have the 60 and its perfect. I'm considering (re)buying a 50 again. The 45 would be perfect for the plane as a carryone or for wkend getways.
  5. Keepall's are so great for traveling. I'd get the Keepall Bandoulere. But be careful about eBay -- it's really hard to get a "real" one, no matter how much they pledge "authenticity" and supply receipts - I learned from my friends that ppl can buy those fake receipts.
  6. Not that hard if you know where to look and how to authenticate (or where to look for authenticators) ;)
  7. I have a Speedy 40, so I probably wouldn't get the Keepall 45....but if I didn't...I would get it with the strap!!
    I will probably get the Azur one with the strap next spring......
  8. waterproof keepall? Is it mirage keepall?

    45 will be the perfect size. 55 & 60 are too huge & not too practice for me, fortunately I've sold my 55& 60 ;)
  9. I personally like them. I would recommend getting a 50 at minimum. The 45 can only hold a days worth of clothing and I think you would get more use out of the 50.
  10. I just got a 50 Keepall and love it. After looking for a long time on eBay at all the Keepalls, I decided the best bet was to go new. I wanted to break in the bag myself, and I spent a lot of time trying to find a real one, and most sellers were not up for authentication. That's fine, but by the time you research, narrow down the field to what you think are real, then ask for authentication and most refuse, you are left with a really small sample, which are fought over quite a bit. I had one ready to buy and as always happens, with 7 seconds left, I got outbid.

    I also think that most real used ones go for around $600-700 on ebay, and for another $300 or so, I got brand new. Just my 2 cents....
  11. Thank you for the words of wisdom...I just bought a 50 and was second guessing that maybe I should have gotten the 45. Do you have both to compare?
  12. Love it - I've been considering getting one actually as well ! :yes:
  13. I love the keepall! I have the 50 in regular monogram, but I prefer the 45!
  14. I love the keepalls. I have two in MC and one cerises all three size 45.
  15. I love them all.