keepall with or without the bandouliere?

  1. hello guys! i'm thinking to buy a monogram canvas keepall but i don't know which one.

    which is better between the 60 without the bandouliere and the 60 with the bandoulire? is the bandouliere worth the price?

    thank you

  2. :nuts: :nuts: ok ok ... well, if i am not wrong, there will be no different, as the strap come along with the bag, u can take it off if u dont wanna use them :supacool: no different is pricing
  3. It really depends if you like to have your hands free. The strap is a nice addition if you have other stuff to hold at the same time, but personally I like holding the leather handles on the keepall...they feel nice...weird

    I got the one with the shoulder strap because you never know when you might need to use your shoulder....but that day has not come yet, and if you're for sure you'll be carrying it most of the time, then go for the's a couple hundred bucks cheaper right?
  4. I would take at least two things into consideration:

    Cosmetics: The Keepall 60 is the largest bag in the Keepall line and when filled looks fantastic (in my humble opinion) but when it isn't filled, it has a tendency to "scrunch" up in the center when using the shoulder strap. Some people like that while others are annoyed with it because it ruins the lines of the bag.

    Ease of Use: The shoulder strap makes it easier to carry the Keepall over long distances. Carrying a heavy duffle bag in your hands makes it cumbersome if you need your hands free.

    Actually I lied -- there is one more thing to think about.....the Keepall 60 doesn't fit into overhead compartments of alot of planes (from what I have been told) and would need to be checked -- so that may be a hassle
  5. yeah, it's true, i didn't take into consideration the fact that i can't check the baggage. maybe i should buy the 55, but I need a bag for the "week-end", thank you very much :smile: :yes: :yes:
  6. Personally, I like the look of the keepall without the strap, but that's just me. I dont hold the duffle I have now with the strap, I just use the handles, but if you would actually use the strap, I would say go with that one!
  7. I think it is fabulous without the shoulder strap... but practicality wise-- I would say get the shoulder strap just in case.

    p.s. I think LV is more fabulous than practical anyway. :happydance:
  8. I prefer the shoulder strap. You just never know when you need to use it in the future.
  9. I have a 45 without a strap (pretty but too small for long excursions)...and I want anything bigger than 50, I'd want a shoulder strap...prefferably a 55 with bandouliere...perfect since you can use thta as a carry-on also.
  10. I would prefer a strap, for a Keepall. I do like the look without the strap. But if your walking around an airport, do you want to carry it around? I know they have carts ect. But I think a strap is worth it. I would love to get a keepall with a strap. But I do like it without the strap, but would prefer a strap if I would be buying one.
  11. I have 60 without but if I buy now I'll buy with.
  12. I love the Keepall with the shoulder strap. You never know when it could come in handy!
  13. the convenience of the optional shoulder strap is worth the extra $$$. espcially if you're getting the 60 (which i personally think is too big). jmho :yes: