Keepall: What do you use it for?

  1. What do you use your keepall for? It's sooo huge! Other than for travelling, what else can you use it for? If I pay so much for a bag, I hate to see it get damage on the airplane & stuff inside the luggage compartment above the seats :confused1:
  2. I think it is mainly used for an overnight bag? I would be scared of checking any LV luggage items.
  3. I already have a monogram keepall 55 (handed down by my parents from the 80's), a damier keepall 55 bandoliere, and NOW I want a keepall 45 bandoliere for school!!!
  4. I use mine for over night stuff.
  5. I use my Mono 45 for an overnight bag or carry-on.
  6. Carry-on and overnight :smile:
  7. I Have A Keepall 60 And A Alize And Have Put Them Both Through In The Airport. They Got Alittle Dirty But Nothing Bad. I Have Done It Several Times. Well If You Are Gonna Spend That Much You Mind As Well Use Them.
  8. I've had keepall 60 for years. I used it for travel and ALWAYS checked it in. NOTHING ever happened to it. What's the point of spending this kind of $$$ on a bag and NOT use it?:shrugs:
  9. Only for travel
  10. Overnight bag or short weekend trips :yes:
  11. Overnight bag!!
  12. Ditto, I do check my mono keepall (and luggage) all the time, it has always been fine, minor marks here and there, but I think the only adds to the character, but that is where vuitton

    I don't check my cerise, use it for carry on. I use it with a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

    My white MC is my ready to go summer bag. During the summer it stays under the hall table packed and ready to go. Snacks, water, sunscreen, etc. The pockets hold all our season passes, money and a at a moments notice we can say....let's go....and be gone.
  13. I use my for overnight and travel.