keepall vs. carryall

  1. im a guy and concidering buying one of these bags, it is to be an everday bag but needs to be roomy therefore i dont like the bussiness mens bags they have. but it is to be an everyday for uni (when i go to uni lol) the prices are almost the same but the carryall doesnot come with a shoulder strap so im looking at $400 just for that. anyway what do you think?

    p.s. :amuse: i'm going shopping now so i'll reply in a few hours i'm not snobbing ya'll
  2. Carryall is nice for men- like a guy's speedy 40. I personally think that the keepall has a more classic shape, but I admit that I love the carryall's "freshness" and its current rarity. The carryall in Tobago is nice, espcially in the navy color on
  3. I vote for the carryall in tobago .. I saw the navy one last week at LV here and it is stunning:love:
  4. I'd definitely vote for a carryall, but it is rather large. In any case, always best to see them in person to get a "feel" for them ! :biggrin:
  5. cool thanks guys, i was leaning towards the carryall cos it represents my fashion, classical with a reinvented/modern twist, and it is less luggage-y rather everyday to suit its purpose. i agree with u ayla i really need to visit the shop and get a feel of it in real life
  6. btw i have seen the broadway (because it was my second option) it isnt large enough, like you i assumed it was decent sized but the front 2 pockets really make its shape and it is also sectioned into areas for a bussines like format i.e. a separate area for laptop, newspaper, documents etc. im a messy boy and need a big bag to chuck all my stuff in and now that i think about it i have a prada bag somewhere that had ver similar shap to the broadway but thanks for the suggestion
  7. oooh yeah, now that i look at the broadway again, you can see the pockets on front add a lot of not very usuable space. :smile: plus it says it fits files, notebooks and small electronics, which makes it sound not very big.

    the carryall is a nice size then probably for what you're looking for (except it has no strap...which is why i said keepall....i need a shoulder strap for bookbags). i looked at it last weekend as a travel bag...too small for my needs, but probably perfect for yours.

    ayla is right. try them on. one always speaks to you more than another. :smile: good luck.

    what'd you get on your shopping trip?
  8. oh my shopping trip, it was for gorceries not a heap of fun lol but i did buy a cute coat for church tonight (i'm greek and my religon prcatices its easter at a different time) so at least i got something decent from the trip.
    yeah true about the shoulder strap sometimes i need to be handsfree, although you can get a detachable one for the carryall as i mentioned earlier it would attach on either side of the handles not nearly as secure or comefortable as either end like the keepall
  9. I would love to get the Broadway as the school bag... I'm tired of my Abbesses... :suspiciou I would also like to use it as a laptop case? My laptop is 14.25 inches... so yeah. It'll fit? The advantage for the Broadway is the strap... I would personally get the Broadway because of that... Dunno. :P hope that helps?
  10. thanks for your opinion, im going to be studying fashion so no need for a laptop...yet. but, yeah broadway is out of the equation for now unless if i win the lottery of something
  11. I vote for a carryall in tobago, one in red. It's rare seeing guys carrying a red bag. It's either black, white or brown for most guys.
  12. I'm in love with the carryall in red Epi (or blue) :love: but I think it's a little small for me as a travel bag.
    My SA told me that they'll produce the keepall in Damier, so I'm patiently waiting... I think it's gonna be better for me 'cause it has more room for all the useless stuff I always end up packing :lol:
    But I have to admit that the carryall is absolutely gorgeous :love: and usually men are less complicated than us when packing, so I vote for the carryall!!
  13. Did they made this Carryall in the Epi line too ????:huh: cant find the picture at LV website :wacko:
  14. MEA CULPA!!! :shame: :shame: Should put my glasses when in LV shop!! It's not epi, you're right!!! It's the Tobago line... sorry!!!!!!! (it looks great too in red & blue!!) :biggrin: