Keepall - so soft

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  1. Hi guys.

    I'm lucky to own one of the Louis Vuitton icons, The Keepall (more bags opcoming, but no one seems to help me find the right one for me :confused1: ) . Anyway, looking through all the wonderfull pictures of all your bags I've noticed that your Keepall bags isn't all fold down.
    It's hard to describe, but I'll try to load a picture.

    But, all your keepall's are standing in shape (like you've filled them with pillows or something) you know, it's strecht out. Mine is falling down and look like I've never used it . Is it because you guys actually fill your bag with 'whatever' when you take pictures, or is my bag just weird ?

    Furthermore, please leave a note with a bag a guy just NEED to own. ( I''m thinking pritical for school, but also just for the more usefull things like agenda, wallet, keys and so on).

  2. I stuff all my bags when in the closet lol. My keepall is bent over sorta so I guess it natural even when stuffed. Ill try to get a pic
  3. I stuff all mine whe not in use, I think a must have for a guy is a Monogram Sac Squash and a Damier Geant Pionnier Backpack, my two most used bags :smile: but thats my opinion, you may not like either one
  4. I stuff all my bags too, so I dont have to worry about not using them for a while and having them deform or something. I think you should just buy what you like. There is no use spending all this money on a awesome bag if you dont like it just because its a must have. I have a navaglio and several different messengers in taiga, glace and geante I have them all because I love them. I am trying to resist the urge to get something in azure like a keepall or a navaglio...I just think white isnt practical but its so damn hot looking. They are also comming out with a few new styles of taiga and a few new epi ones should already be out by now, so if you dont like whats out now wait for some of the new taiga in september
  5. Matt -> First of all, may I tell you that i just love your collection of bags. I've watched it several times now and LoVe it :smile:. The Damier Geant Backpack is a bag I've been looking at a lot. But how does it look like, when you wear it with a trenchcoat ? Guess I might compare it a little with the old-school kind of school-bagpacks.
    ... my bad ! :p
  6. Thank you very much for the compliment lol! Here are a few pics of me modeling the backpack...



  7. ^ gorgeous!both..!:graucho:
  8. It sure looks good! Thanks for the pictures.
    I bet there's a huge difference between a old eastpack and this hot piece of luxury. Damn, I'm going to Louis Vuitton at august (nearst store: 570 kilometers away / 5½ hour) and want/need nearly anything.
    God bless my creditcard..:shame:
  9. Matt that back pack looks great!
  10. Well I sound like a broken record but I recommend the backpack or the sac squash...

  11. i store my Keepall folded :yes: it just takes too much storage space if i keep it stuffed. id also suggest something in Damier Geant, but only you could really decide on what you need.
  12. I store my keepall stuffed so that it won't get any cracks or anything like that. And anyways, I have it within seeing reach, and it looks good stuffed :graucho:
  13. I keep my Keepall folded as well, stored in a box, when I took a picture of it, it held up well unstuffed.

    I like the Mono Congo MM or GM, I've never seen them in person, but it looks sofa king hott.