Keepall Sizes - Which is best?

  1. Hi!

    I was just walking through the new Macy's store in downtown Minneapolis (which replaced our beloved Marshall Field's) and I realized that we have a brand new (well, new to me) LV boutique!

    I'd like to make my first LV purchase - a keepall bag. But I'm having a hard time deciding which size is best - what do you have and what do you like? I'd be mostly using it as a carryon, and I'd like it to fit underneath the seat in front of me instead of in the overhead compartment.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.
  2. If it's mostly as a carry on bag then I'd suggest the 45 or 50. Any bigger than that and it won't be allowed as a carry on.

    Good luck and be sure to post pics once you get it!!
  3. I have the 45 and it the PERFECT size for overnight or as a carry-on.
  4. I have a 50 and a 45, I wouldn't go any larger than that. I think the 55 is just to big and the 60 is insanly huge
  5. I have a 45 and seems to be a perfect size... Love it..
  6. 45 0r 50..I have 50 ..perfect for carry on..
  7. I have the 50. Good size for a carry on or as a weekender.