Keepall shoulder strap

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  1. I don't suppose anyone has purchased a keepall recently, or can just shed some light.
    I purchased a 45 cobalt Damier keepall yesterday and it came with a smooth shoulder strap.
    I queried about the gripped shoulder strap with the SA and she says its only on the monogram bags.
    So I bought the bag and contacted client services, and frustratingly they passed my query back onto her, who said the exact same thing in a voicemail as she did yesterday. Stating that the gripped shoulder pad doesn't exist anymore and one can't be ordered.

    Does anyone know if a gripped shoulder pad is still being sold with any other bags without vachetta leather?
    And has anyone bought one recently?

    Would really appreciate some help with this.
  2. #2 Jun 10, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2016
    I don't think the 45 DC Keepall ever came with the gripped shoulder pad since the launched of the DC collection.
  3. I bought a 45 in Macassar Monogram a few weeks back and asked the exact same question. My 55 in Monogram has the studded shoulder pad, so I guess I'm glad I bought that one last year, else it'd be sliding all over the place. I don't feel the 45 really needs it per se as you can't/shouldn't fill it too heavily for the strap to be moving all over the place. Anything larger than the 45 though definitely should have one because it has actual benefit.

  4. My SA and I didn't think so either until I saw one on YouTube for the 45 and 55 and she did some investigating. She contacted me to let me know they do make it but use the same sku # for the smooth and grip Keepall so she had to request it specifically when ordering my DC Keepall.
    Maybe they are changing things now and leaning more towards selling the ones with the smooth pads to eventually get rid of the grips. LV seems to do subtle changes every so often (ex: the Twice quietly changing from 5 to 7 holes in the strap) and sometimes we don't notice.
  5. I don't suppose I could have your SA email address? I don't really know who to contact or ask now! I'm so annoyed client services forwarded me back onto who served me, as I specifically said in my email how unhelpful she was.
  6. Mine is from fall 2014 and it has the gripped one.
  7. The 45?
  8. I just went to the closet to double check it, but yes, it has the one with the "spikes"
  9. That's interesting. I thought the "spikes" were on the larger Keepalls only these days.
  10. I will check the models they have in the local boutique next week. This topic got me thinking, because I am thinking about an Eclipse Keepall, but I'd prefer that with the classic gripped shoulder pad.
  11. Thank you for your reply. I would really appreciate it if you could find out for me at your boutique. Sadly I've had no luck over here in the UK, and I'm not near a store, and client services keep forwarding me onto the unhelpful SA who insists it never came with a gripped shoulder pad.
  12. I had a look at a Damier graphite 55 in store and that had a smooth strap too.
  13. I am at a loss!

  14. Hi. I'm not sure how she could help u as ur in the UK and she's in Canada and you already bought the Keepall. None the less I will explain the situation and ask if she would mind.
  15. Well she seems to be the only SA I've spoke to that knows that they have two different shoulder straps. Just wondering if she could contact my SA? Or somehow put in a spare part request from over there? I'm not sure! I feel like I'm just clutching at straws right now..
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