Keepall reveal part II

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  1. Hi everyone! Just wanted to share yet another new to me Keepall purchase. Last week I received my empreinte Keepall in aube and today I got my Damier infini Keepall 45 in fusion. Just gotta say pictures do these luggage pieces no justice. My camera is making the bag seem more red but in real life it's very orange.

  2. Absolutely stunning. Congrats.,
  3. Gorgeous- enjoy!
  4. Oh my! :drool::drool::drool::drool:
  5. Wow!! :eek::loveeyes:
  6. :heart::heart::heart::confused1::heart::heart::heart:
  7. That is a big WOW. Beautiful:love:
  8. Thanks for the comments everyone! I'm so excited to start using my Keepalls. Both are in excellent condition and I got them for crazy good prices. I think I just need to start hunting down a regular monogram Keepall and my luggage collection will be complete.
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  9. Love the Damier Infini so much! Gorgeous bag!
  10. Love your Keepall. You mentioned you got a great deal for your Keepall. Would you mind sharing the source. It's tough to find a deal in Canada (:
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  11. Whoohoo, another lovely keepall!
  12. Beautiful!!!
  13. Gorgeous bag!!
  14. I got this one from fashionphile for about $1400 US. I believe it retails for $4200 CAD brand new and this colour is not available anymore. I got my empreinte Keepall for about the same price from Vestiare Collective. I agree, buying preloved in Canada is almost impossible to find a worthy deal usually. I only ever buy brand new because of this but I think my Keepalls were just too good of a deal to pass up even with the exchange rate and customs fees.
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  15. Love it. The color is everything. Congrats and may you use it in good health ♡