Keepall questions

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  1. Just curious... I have some travel coming up and would like to get a Keepall. What sizes do you love and find perfect?? And does anyone know which is the largest one that meets carry-on limits?
  2. 55 is the largest that you're allowed to carry on but for me, the 50 is the perfect size. Make sure you get one with a strap as it gets super heavy if it's fully packed!
  3. Right on Kenzo89. The 50 is perfect for carry-on. Sometimes, it also depends on the airline you're flying. I flew Delta to Myrtle Beach and they allowed me to carry-on my Keepall 60. Please please please do get the one with a strap as it can get heavy when filled. BTW, which Keepall are you eyeing on?
  4. Get the 50. it's perfect. I agree you should get it with the shoulder strap(even though I don't use mine). It's nice to have if you need it.
  5. I was thinking the same thing! :tup:
  6. 50.
  7. Well, 50 it is then in the MC with a strap!! Thanks everyone!
  8. I suggest the 50 for car travel, no need to get the strap if it will be riding in the car.

    For air travel, get a rolling case. The keepall is much too heavy to lug around in the airport in my opinion, and you certainly don't want to check in lv.
  9. Kenzo is right 55 is the biggest possible to carry on, but I own 60. I personally don't think that the strap is very useful because when 60 is full it weighs about 18 kilos which is too heavy for me to carry on the shoulder
  10. 50 is the best, personally