Keepall questions -azur vs reg damier?

  1. I am thinking of pickup up the keepall 50 and had some questions -

    How much can fit in a 50? Enough for two nights travel?

    The azur is tdf, but those with azur keepalls - I'm worried it will get dirty really quick, how are they holding up?

  2. The 50 hold a fair amount. I have the regular Damier and love it but i find it boring. I would love to get the Azur.
  3. I think a keepall 50 will be beautiful in azur. I say you go for it.
  4. Hey the 50 is perfect for 2 nights stay and even more if you really needed it. It easily fits in airplane compartments. I have the azur and love it. I use mine to hold all of my gym supplies. It has been slammed into lockers, dropped on the floor, exposed to shower water and it is still as good as new! The canvas is really durable and it does not show dirt that well. I now want a damier ebene because azur is too much for the summer. go with azur, its fun and fresh! Hope this helps.
  5. Great to hear! I realized I need this as I starting packing tonight for my weekend away and had to borrow dh's overnighter, which is nice, but just not me - I need LV! I love mono, but just feel it's too much logo for me while traveling, so thought Damier would stay under the radar, but still be classy.

    Am hopefully picking one up in Vegas this weekend, and will have a classy bag on the trip home LOL!
  6. Does anyone have a modeling pic of the Keepall 50? I am curious how it looks carried and cant find a pic in the library sections...
  7. I'ld go for regular damier since its a travelling bag and you need something thats low maintenance. Azur is pretty but may just get dirty in time. Regular damier looks classy and no need to worry about the vachetta.
  8. i can pack enough for at least a week in my keepall. I would go with the azur keepall, its gorgeous.
  9. I'd go with the 50, sometimes I even feel like THAT is too small though. You should be ok with it though, just don't bring too many shoes or bulky items. And I'd go with the Damier Ebene.
  10. I think the 50 would be a good size for 2 nights.. as for color, I'd go for Damier Ebene just because marks won't show up as easily.
  11. I'd go with Ebene to avoid getting caught up in the rain and ruining the vachetta. As for size, I'd go with a 50.
  12. ^^^Good point John, especially where I live! I wont use my bags with vachetta if it's raining here, and that's pretty much a weekly occurance!

  13. glad to hear that lvlover.. but how about the vachetta? is it holding up very well too?
  14. I love the keepall 50. I think it is the perfect size. If you don't stuff the crap out of it, you can fit it under a plane seat. If you are driving, you could EASILY get 4 or 5 days worth of stuff in it. I like the regular monogram, it is classy!
  15. I would buy ebene!! I have mono and sometimes vachetta is driving me mad...