Keepall question..

  1. Hey there, not sure if anyone has asked be4, but for those of you who own the Keepall - did you receive a dustbag for it? As you know, I rec'd my Keepall this week from ELUXURY and it actually came in a LV box - most people said they didn't receive a LV box from ELUX just a ELUX my question is - what about the dusbag, should it of come with one? Just curious..thanks!!!!
  2. oh yea, if it was suppose to come with one - even though I purchased it from ELUX will the boutique give me one? Or should I call ELUX? just curious, thanks!!!
  3. Most ppl did not get a dustbag with the Keepall. Hopefully you are in a good relationship with your SA she/he may be able to procure one for you. Good luck!
  4. Mine (55 band.) did not come with one, and I was told it shouldn't either, but I think there are some on the forum that have gotten dustbags with their 55s.
  5. hi there, this poster is experiencing the same dilemma, see her thread

    so it looks like they don't provide a dustbag then. I would want one though and see about having one made so the vachetta stays light, since it's not an everyday bag, you'd be probably storing it away. I don't store bags in boxes I think they should breathe in cotton, so I say try to get one somehow or have one made.
  6. Thanks everyone for your responses!!!! Much appreciated!!!
  7. I have a dustbag for my black MC keepall. But I've heard they don't give them out for the Mono ones? :shrugs:
  8. I purchased two keepalls from the Ave. Montaigne boutique in Paris and I didn't receive a dustbag for either of them.
  9. I didnt recieved dustbag, I bought my keepall in Vienna store. Then I send e-mail to LV and asked about it. They replied that Keepall is being sold without it. I tried then in milan and asked for one, and nice SA was looking for it but everything was too small (my is 60), lol

    I made one from large pillow case (white and cotton).
  10. my damier keepall came with the dustbag
  11. All the keepalls are supposed to come with a dustbag. They're meant to be folded away for storage or at the bottom of your suitcase before a trip and the dustbag is always provided by Louis Vuitton. I don't know why you guys didn't receive a dustbag, all the Classic Monogram Canvas Keepalls do have a dustbag. I always work with the store manager at Louis Vuitton and I always get the proper dustbag when I purchase the keepalls. I would call eLuxury and have them send one for you. I recently bought a pair of shoes and they didn't come with dustbags, so I called and they shipped them overnight for free. No questions asked. But I wouldn't recommend going to the store because eLuxury and Louis Vuitton boutiques are on two different systems. Everyone else should go back to the store and get a dustbag because you've been lied to.
  12. I think I remember getting it in a dustbag but I know for sure I didn't get a box.
  13. my SA says they don't give away dust bags for keepalls anymore, but she got one for me anyway cuz she's a doll. :smile:
  14. I just bought a Azur Keepall and yes, it did come with a dustbag. Drawstring one. You should ring back and ask for one. Make sure it came with the padlock as well.
  15. MIne is 55, I bought it in lafayette and it did not come with a dustbag. This was back in 2005 I think.