Keepall question...

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  1. Does anyone know the last time the Keepall duffles we a part of a price increase? I know not every piece of LV is affected during the numerous price increases during the year....just curious when the last one took place...thanks!

    I hope the monogram keepall's aren't apart of the February increase - oh no, that's next month already - :crybaby: The reason I ask, is hopefully the keepall 55 won't be a part of the next - hee! hee! I hope at least!!!

    also, is the keepall 55 - small enough to put in the storage compartment on a plane?

    ...another travel question...if you had to check it, how durable is the monogram canvas - I always sees celebs with all the LV luggage piled up on eachother....just curious.

    Thanks!!! :jammin:
  2. I have checked my 55 with no problems, very durable IMHO.
  3. thanks!
  4. Don't know about the price increase but it won't be getting cheaper, so why risk it if you want it?
  5. Yea...I know...even if it increases by $30.00 or $40.00 - it's not a big deal (to me), just curious how often they are affected by the increase....I am planning a trip and it would be a nice assessory to have for my trip and future trips too! i love it, but I am not at the gotta have it phase yet - I am sure I will be soon enough, and with my luck - the price increase will have already taken place -like w/my luck when I bought my BH a couple months back!!!:jammin: :rolleyes: :graucho: ;) :p :yes: