Keepall Question.

  1. so i wanna get a monogram keepall but im not sure what size to get. i am 5'6" 123lbs. i dont want one thats too small but i dont want something super huge that if i carry it by the handles the ends sag a lot. what size equivalent would the ceries be in a reg monogram.

    also in the celb section what size keepall does hilary duff have??

    (and if anyone has pics of them holding their keepall post post post)

    thanks guys. :jammin:
  2. I have the Keepall 50, and I'm 5`8. The Cerises one is a 45, I think you'd be best with the 45, or 50 =]
  3. thatnks so much. love ur signature. very cute.
  4. Hilary has a Speedy, I think, not a keepall. I could be wrong though. She has a 25 and a 30 that I've seen..for Speedys I like the 30.
    But if you do mean keepalls (as in the luggage), you should buy them based on how much you'll be bringing with you, not your body size. Either a 45 or a 50..I have the 50.

    Speedy 30:

    Keepall 45:
  5. thanks. idk shes like 6" shorter than me...i dont want it to look like an ovesized purse on me. lol....anyone have a pic of a 50 or someone that has a 45 or 50 thats closer to my height??

    also...anyone know about that hilary duff one yet?? probably a 45 eh??
  6. yeah she does have a KEEPALL. its in one of the pics of her and joel. and i have a speedy 30. i figure you never know when u are gonna go away for a bit. i dont have any luggage so i thought why not LV. ill probably have it forever that way.
  7. I'm similiar in height, and my Keepall 50 suited me just fine, and it's also not so big that you can't bring it into the cabin.
  8. so its small enough to be considered a carryon?? (the 45 and 50)
  9. I'm 5'2 and have the keepall 50 (I like the strap on it). I don't have a pic but I never end up carrying it for very long anyway since it's luggage. I just carry it to the hotel room or wherever I'm going and put it down lol.
    I think any keepall looks really big on anyone, no matter what their height. I think some people have actually tried using the multicolor keepalls as a handbag but they're just too big IMO.

    But ya, I'd guess she has a 45, then.
    I think the 45 and 50 are the only sizes you can carry on..hopefully someone can confirm :smile:
  10. yeah thanks for the help....i think theres only like a 2 inch difference in the two right??

    do they let you use it as a carry on onto airplanes...i dont trust letting the airline ppl handle my luggage.
  11. Ya it's really not that big of a difference..elux lists the measurements this way:
    Keepall 45= 18" L x 11" H x 8" W
    Keepall 50= 20" L x 11" H x 9" W

    I just like the 50 because it does tend to get heavy so it's nice to have the shoulder strap. And ya as far as I know, you can take either the 45 or 50 on planes. I'd never want to have to check any LV luggage either.
  12. I own the 55 and the 45. Personally, I think the 45 is very small. I use it to pack all my girly stuff (blow dryer, curling iron etc). I'd go with the 50 or 55. You can fit enough for short trips into it.
  13. Good question. Also, does anyone know if a 55 can be carried on?
  14. I've taken my 55 on as a carry on...