Keepall Question

  1. Hello, I'm interested in getting a Keepall, but I'm not sure what size to get! I was wondering if anyone knows what size Jessica Simpson's keepall is--because i like how the size of hers looks.

    Also, I was wondering if anyone knows which size Keepall is allowed in the overhead compartments of airplanes--I'm not sure I trust my Louis Vuitton luggage being checked in just yet! Thanks to much!
  2. The 45 and 50 are carry-on size.
  3. 55 is also carryall. According to Lv its the largest to fit in a overhead compartment but i heard of a TPFer that uses his 60 to travel. Anything above a 55 is too big for me. and im 5'10.
  4. i have a 45. i think 55 is the biggest yu can go

    My SA said when i was gonna buy my 45 not to go bigger than a 50, because when its full of clothes, it gets REALLY heavy.
  5. ^ ITA, the 55 is really heavy when it's stuffed with clothes - I know from experience :p IMO, the perfect carry-on keepall is a 50 with shoulderstrap :yes:

  6. I have the Murakami Keepall 55
    and had no problem storing as a carry-on.

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
  7. 55 is very heavy, I also know from experience!
  8. Diddo. The 55 gets WAY too heavy when full. I just traveled to Venice, Florence, and Rome and the only bags I used were a pegase 70 and a keepall 50. The 50 is perfection.
  9. I just got home yesterday and used my Keepall 60 in the overhead for the first time! It was no problem at all, and even fit in strap-side first. I didn't have it stuffed to the brim, but it was super heavy to walk around the airport with...but oh so fabulous! The 60 is only 2" longer than the 55. I'm 5'8" and the proportion is fine.
  10. yeah the 55 is the limit in over heads and i think tats its the best size personally
  11. I'll say to get Keepall 45 or 50 with strap. I've 55 and 60, it's too huge and heavy to carry to the cabin but if I bring a few stuffs only, it'll a little light but look sag.
  12. I have the 50 and it goes overhead all the time - its a perfect size!
  13. I have the 55 and it is the perfect size for me! I always thought that I wanted to get the 45, but that would have been way to small to hold all my stuff.
  14. i wasnt familiar with the "55 murakami"
    to my knowledge they only came in 45.. :confused1:
  15. I believe the 50 is the perfect size. I'm around 5' 7" and it looks great on me!!! 55 was too big.