KEEPALL Question

  1. Is the Damier Keepall also red inside??? I am in love with the damier speedy that I am now considering the Keepall.

  2. Yes it does have a red lining i think.
  3. The keepalls have the brown interior.

    & unfortunately I think the only elux shipping deal going on right now is the Fathers Day free upgrade. :sad:
  4. I haven't seen one but I don't think it would becuase canvas Keepalls aren't lined- they'd be too bulky to fold if they were.
  5. Aren't all damier bags lined in red?

  6. No. I just received my Damier Keepall 55 and it has brown interior:biggrin:
  7. [​IMG]

    it's not as pretty as the red but it's functional :smile:

  8. Nice! What keepall did you get?
  9. I can tell you that not all Keepalls are lined in red. Mine are lined in brown.
  10. Would've been nice if they did the Damier Keepall in Red Lining though. I just got the 50 today.
  11. do you like it better than the mono keepall??? im thinking of getting one before the price increase.
  12. THAT would be heaven... :love:
  13. I actually like it more than the Mono, Looks Different and Classy.
  14. Mine is the 50 but I looked inside the 55 and it was brown as well. My SA showed me the speedys red linings, as my dam speedy has the terracotta lining.... (special order from last year). I like the red better but what can ya do. ;)
  15. ARGH! I had no idea that there are Damier keepalls! Otherwise, I would have gotten myself one. Are the Damier keepalls priced at a premium to mono?