Keepall pricing question...

  1. Hey there, I was just on elux and didn't see the monogram keepall 45, 50 or 55 - without the strap on their website...can someone tell me in US$ the current price on those...I am debating if I want to get another purse [i.e. Speedy 30 or 35]...or if I want a Keepall instead....thanks!!!!
  2. If I'm not mistaken:

    Keepall 45: $850
    Keepall 50: $875
    Keepall 55: $900
  3. Thanks!!!!

    Do you know off hand what the price is on the Speedy 40? i couldn't find that one either - I have read where people have used it as a gym bag, or a overnight bag - just curious....thanks!!!
  4. Speedy 40 is $670.

    *Also, correction: Keepall 45 is $855.

  5. Thanks again! ;)
  6. No prob. ;)
  7. I'd rather much get a keepall 45 (which I have) than a speedy 40 just because speedy is like an oversized handbag and keepall 45 is more of a small luggage piece.
  8. If you want to use this as a gym bag or overnight bag you might also want to consider the carryall. It's an updated version of the Keepall 45 and it fits nicely in gym lockers. I have one and that's what I primarily use it for.

  9. Carryall - I will have to check those out on elux -thanks!!
  10. Oh the carryall is a very nice piece of luggage. If you ask me, one of the nicest LV has designed so far.
  11. [​IMG]

    Okay, that's the bag Jessica is carrying in this photo - yea, I like it!!! At least I think it is? can someone confirm for me -nothing on elux right now for carryall. What is the retail on this?
  12. That's the Sac Chien. [Used to carry a small dog.]

    The PM size is $1,620.
    The GM is $1,770.
  13. Oh thanks for clarifying that for me, I thought it was a pet carrier but didn't see any signs of the side flap -oh well, below is what I found online for the carryall.

    What's the price on the carryall?

  14. yep, small doggie bag. i just got a keepall 45 without the strap and i LOVEEEE it. haven't used it yet but it will be going on my cruise with me :biggrin:
  15. yes, this is the style, but imagine it with mono canvas and vachetta leather.