Keepall owners please help!

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  1. Hi guys and dolls.

    I have never purchased a keepall bag before as I never could justify owning one as if I go abroad I carry big suitcases, and I never travel light (especially with two kids lol).

    Well recently I have been travelling to my dad's home a lot and staying over, and also my hubby plans to book a room in a LONDON hotel for my 25th Birthday in January and we are going away for the weekend without the kids for his birthday in December, so I need a new bag of course.

    What size keepall bag do you think will be best as I dont want to carry something too massive, as I really need it for maybe a few outfits, a pair of shoes, towel, and underwear and toiletrys. (I tend to keep my makeup in my handbag).

    Any thoughts..... (Thank you in advance TPFers are the best)
  2. I think the 55 is a great versatile size.
  3. Go into a store and have a proper look at the sizes, i asked my SA about the 45/50 Mon Mono with strap and felt that was just right for overnight stays and weekends away with my partner. I wouldn't be able to put my Uggs in them but everything else im sure would fit nicely if you are organised!

    You know i was just long will it take before i hear Sai wants luggage pieces!

    Im thinking His/Hers matching Mon Mono Keepalls for his birthday next June....Mine same as my avatar and his White/Blue!
  4. I'm a big fan of the 45cm
  5. I have the 55 with strap and i love it. It is comfy to carry and IMO not too big. (im 5'8) It is also the biggest size you can get and still carry it on an airplane (if you ever will need to do that)
  6. I have 55 with strap and would rather have a pegase 55 wheels help.
  7. Please do a search and check the Clubhouse for existing threads that you can read and post in. Good luck!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.