Keepall or Pegases?

  1. 1. For those of you with both pegases and keepall, which do you use more?

    2. Since you have to check one luggage during a flight (say an all-inclusive) which do you bring?
    keepall + nonLV luggage or pegases + nonLV luggage to be checked?
  2. nonLV luggage to be checked...keepall and pegase can be carried on depending on size
  3. can a pegase 70 be carried on?
  4. I personally wouldn't check anything LV only because I have seen what my luggage looks like after a few business trips. That and a few or more of my co-workers have had their luggage "lost" and sadly this is happening more and more. I wouldn't want to lose it like that.
  5. The max size is 60 international. Better off with a 50 for domestic, but some airlines will allow the 60 depending on the size of the plane.

    Also, I think it's best NOT to check any LV luggage just because the workers drag and abuse them and also depending on the airport, your luggage will often be lost or misplaced (eg. the last two times I've travelled, 2 luggages each time never showed up at my local airport. Only about a week later did they find them. I was really lucky.)
  6. the 50 looks pretty small for travel purposes.. but I don't want to not be able to carry it on (the 60).. 70 is a great size for me but I dont want to check it in.. :sad:
  7. Some people have had their bags shrink-wrapped in plastic to protect them if they are going to be checked in (most airports can do this as a security precaution for tampered bags) but there is still the risk of the bag getting lost etc
  8. I'm thinking of getting a keepall (I have yet to go and try it out the sizes).
    But i also like the pegase...
    Because we already have a couple suitcases, i'm not sure it would be wise to get another suitcase kwim ?
    Hence i am asking about peoples preference.

    Thanks to all who answered!
    Now i just need to figure out between damier or monogram!
  9. I have a Keepall 50 and the Amarante Pegase. I really don't travel much but I actually really like my Pegase...I love how it rolls. The Keepall tends to get heavy after awhile.
  10. what size pegase do you have LVbabydoll? TIA!
  11. The keepall 50 comes with the strap right? It gets heavy? darn, so i guess the 55 would be too much eh? Well i will have to see, on the site it says the keepall 55 is the largest keepall that will fit in the overhead compartment. I just want a LV luggage to be honest! I would love to get a pegase but i think we have enough and my parents would probably get mad at me if i get it (they'd be more furious if they know how much LV actually is! thankfully they don't 'tee hee').
    At least if i get a keepall i will use it more and i will feel less guilty about buying a luggage piece! not to say a pegases isn't tempting...ugh now i'm confused all over again!! lol
    thanks a lot Rebecca! j/k
  12. I would never check an LV bag! I would buy the keepall and carry it on!
  13. aznbaybee- the one I have only came in one size, the 50. :yes:

    xoxo_jess- I bought mine with a strap, there was the option to buy it with or without. I think it's much more convenient with the strap since it does get heavy.
  14. I wouldn't recommand checking in a luggage either. One of my brand new luggage (non-LV, thank goodness) zipper ripped right off on it's very first flight. I think it go caught on a conveyer belt or something. They are incredibly rough with throwing those luggages because they have to work fast.

    Keepall is great, but the only flaw is that it does get heavy and even with the strap its tough on the back to carry -it just digs into the shoulder.

    Had to add: The new Eole is great too! For the smaller size you can check it in and it rolls!
  15. No airline would allow that- a 70 wouldn't even fit through security x-ray. As it is a fully loaded Pegase 70 would be over your 50 lbs. weight allotment for checked baggage.