Keepall or Pegase?

  1. I want to buy more luggage but I dont know which to get, what do you guys think keepall or pegase?
  2. The keepalls are nice but get really heavy after awhile. The Pegase is at least a rolling suitcase so you can lug it around longer.
  3. love them both equally. i have both the keepall and pegase. if you want to be more hands-free then i would suggests the pegase.
  4. i prefer the pegase..
  5. Pegase!
  6. another vote for the Pegase
  7. pegase!! I love my keepall, but if I could choose all over again, I'd get a pegase - the keepalls are hell to carry around after a while.
  8. <----- i like ease during travel, so I choose the wheels.....pegase !
  9. What about keepall with shoulder strap?
  10. Pegase, I've some Keepalls but finally feel bored with them beside it Pegase looks more simple & elegant
  11. Pegase! Wheels are a must for anything bigger than a small carry-on.
  12. I am buying the Keepall with the Strap because I will be able to use it for more things then the Pegase, now that's not to say I don't want the Pegase, but out of the two I wanted the Keepall first, but with the strap.
  13. I completely agree. The keepalls are nice for car travel, but do get heavy when you use them alone. I see the keepalls as a piece to compliment something on wheels.
  14. I think the keepalls are great.
  15. I personally have both the Pegase 50 and Keepall 55 with the strap and Love them both. It just depends more on where you are going and what you need to bring.