Keepall or Berkeley??

  1. Going back when the first mention of the Berkeley was floating around I was dying to get it in Ebony. I mentioned it to my SA at Short Hills but never waitlisted for it. Apparantly he wrote it down in his notebook. Since then I purchased the Trevi and I'm in Trevi heaven (lol). I just got an IM from him (SA)saying he's saving one for me. But now my funds are being saved for the Damier Keepall. Ugh...if I were to get a Berkeley it would have to be in Azur but I was kind of hoping to get a neverfull in Azur. He says once I see it I'll definately want it. Even mentioned to bring the CC!! He also said I'll "love love love" the violette...Im waitlisted for the Pomme heart & Gold cosmetic case...Help..I need a 2nd. job!! I'm going to go this weekend to check out all this stuff. God help me & my
  2. Your SA sounds lovely!

    Just go down to the store and take the Berkeley for a spin.

    I am waiting for a Trevi PM, do post modelling pics if you can. :love:
  3. i saw a pic of the new "purple/violet" at the LV boutique that i go to and the color is HOT!!! It has a pinkish undertone but it's def purple, like a metallic kind of purple w/that pinkish tint to it. I plan on getting the ludlow in that color and they are also coming out with a new cles for the vernis as well. Very Very cute. It's like the MC pochette MM. I too waitlisted for hearts and cosmetic pouches. T.R.O.U.B.L.E.!!! lolz These pics were on printed copier paper.
  4. Go to the boutique and see which one you prefer.
  5. I have that in black mc...I love it. I had no idea the cles was going to be that size...geez...I'm going nuts here. Maybe I shouldn't go there this
    I really need to think all this through very carefully. Maybe I could get the cles instead of the heart...but I missed the heart last year and wanted one pretty badly. I think I need therapy :nuts: or someone needs to break my computer!!
    If you add up the heart + cles + makeup case = new bag!!
  6. I say wait for the Keepall and enjoy your Trevi PM now.

    I want an Azur bag too, but I am hesitant to buy the Berkley because there is so much vachetta on it I am afraid it will get dark and look dirty.

    Post pics please!!! I love the Trevi bag. :heart:
  7. Hmm... well if you travel frequently, I'd get the Keepall first. If not, then go for the Berkeley!!!
  8. saw the Berkeley today it really is gorgeous... and the violet is beautiful my friend said my face just absolutely lit up when i saw a wallet in it!!! even thought I'm saving for a holiday it was very tempting to buy it immediately!!!
  9. The neverfull in Damier is at least 2-3 months away and in Azur was told it was not going to be available until the fall,
    The Berkeley in Azur does not have all that much vachetta, go and take a look.
    I for one was not in love with the new violet/purpish color
  10. Thats probably the best news I've heard so far...I hope I feel the same way.

    I'm not going to buy another damier bag anytime soon other than the Azur (maybe a Hampstead) if the Neverfull isn't going to be released till fall. I think he has the ebony on hold for me so I should be safe from getting it. I think I'll hold my ground and get the the keepall...I do travel in spurts. My mono keepall looks like it's been on one too many After I get the damier this one will have to go...
  11. I guess you will have an easier time making up your mind when you see the Berkeley IRL at the boutique. I am going today. I hope that I don't want to buy it! So far I *think* that I prefer the Trevi anyway so you definitely made the right choice with that bag. I would get the Berkeley in Azur personally. I WL for both though, but I WL before the Trevi launched!
  12. Ok, i was totally wrong. The new vernis violet/purple color that i mentioned below does not have the slightest color of pink, like i thought it would according to the pics i saw. I went to LV today to purchase my t&b cles and the vernis is almost a deep purple <<<----- like the word here. I too, was not impressed. Im going to stick with pomme :heart: