Keepall Opinions . . .

  1. Hey girls ( and 'girls' :girlsigh: ) -

    Question. I'm going to pick up a Damier Keepall in September as a birthday gift (for myself! :smile: ) and was wondering if you guys have any experience with the straps. This is going to be an airplane travel bag, and I'm not sure if I really need the strap, although the larger size might be nice. The extra $250 isn't really an issue, although I'd rather spend it on something else if all else is equal. So my question is, is the strap (and the extra couple of inches) worth it?
  2. I have the keepall 55 with the straps and the only time I use the strap is when travelling, so I think it's worth it. Then again I find all handheld bags a bother when travelling, I want to keep my hands free for the duty free shopping bags :shame:
  3. Well, Duty Free shopping isn't really a concern . . . most of my traveling between home (St Louis, MO) to school (Ann Arbor, MI) and weekend trips around the country. :P
  4. I've had keepall 60 for years and it doesn't have a strap. I check it in when I fly so even if did have a strap I would have to remove it before checking it. I find that 60 would be too big to carry on my shoulder anyways.
  5. I have the Keepall 55 with no strap which I love. I find the Keepall big
    to carry on your shoulder and prefer it without the strap
  6. I recommend the strap!!! When I carry my keepall 50, I like to use the strap so I have my hands free, although my black MC is a different story. It is worth the extra $
  7. I have the keepall 55 with a strap. I wasn't really sure if I wanted to have a strap when I bought it, but thankfully my SA told me that it was highly recommended, and everytime I have to carry it over distances, I thank him silently, lol. However, just as a tip - get a 50 or 45.. If I could choose over again, I wouldn't have gone larger than 50, it's just too much space for a person like me (I usually only goes away for three nights max), and it makes it take up more space than needed, and it's also too big to carry around on the shoulder, but as long as it doesn't have patina I refuse to check it in, and I'm not sure if I dare to check it in even when it gets it... Don't get me wrong, I love my keepall, but if I could choose again, I'd take something smaller.
  8. isnt it the 60 damier that has a shouler strap? and you have to check that size in... we have a 50 no strap and its fine, we only carry it walking through airports and usually rest it on the case anyway. the extra for a strap didnt make sense to us as we wouldnt use it enough.
  9. I have the Keepall 50 w/strap. I loaded that baby up and it got really heavy. I was happy I had the strap.
  10. Unfortunately it's either a 50 no-strap or 55 with strap (those are the only two options right now) . . . I do wonder if I'd fill the 55 or not . . . hmm . . . and gucci girl, it doesn't come in 60 (yet.) PS - who's the hottie on your picture? :biggrin:
  11. You'd be surprised at how much it takes to fill them. They are quite roomy and can get heavy (depending on what's packed).
  12. I definately think its worth it. Both of mine have the strap. Its makes it convenient when you need you hands.
  13. My 55 is really hard to fill.. so I either feel that I have to pack a bunch of junk I don't really need or that it has to be too empty, which in my eyes makes it less pretty...
  14. Hey.. ive been thinkin about a multicolor keepall... does it need a strap or are the rolled handles long enough for the shoulders? Does anyone have this ? ohh please let me know.. thanks :smile:
  15. I think about it this way: if you get the strap you can always take it off and carry the bag. If you don't get the strap, there is no way to add one later.

    The strap gives you more options.

    Ryan (55 with strap)