Keepall on the plane!

  1. Does anyone know what the largest size keepall can be used as a carry on? I know that some of them are too large and most airlines won't allow you to place them in the overhead.
  2. If you go to the Vuitton site and look at the Keepalls, they will say "Cabin Size" if they are able to be used as a carry on.
    The largest size able to be used is the 55.
  3. Great! Thank you!
    Everytime I read a thread from you Lvbabydoll, I feel hungry! Dam those cupcakes! :p
  4. You're welcome!
    And haha, I spread the hunger lol. I love the frosting on them, it looks so yummy. :drool:
  5. I know I really wanted the 60 since it's only like $20 more! but I will never check it so I purchased the 55.
  6. You can't check your babies! ;)
  7. I have a 55 that is just right for me size wise. These Keepalls can get a bit heavy to carry around though. Mine fits in the overhead just fine too.
  8. DEfinately NEVER check your lv's!
  9. I talked to my SA about 2 weeks back and this is what i got told. For economy 45 (sometimes you can get away with 55) and for Business and Firstclass 55 is ok :biggrin:
  10. Really just sometimes they will take 55 on economy? eek did she explain or say more?
  11. LOL...I do, I know you all think I am mad :weird:, but I do. Vuitton is just better with a little character, especially on the travel pieces, JMHO.
  12. lol well she said that it depends how stuffed your keepall is. Some airlines are just fussy about carry on luggage. Dont stress too much!
  13. Ok, I have to agree with melopuff...On my recent trip I saw a few airline agents checking the size of peoples' carry on luggage at the counter. Not every passenger, but every few. This was with Alitalia. I had the 55 with me...they didn't check the size of mine, but had they asked I had the measurements memorized (LOL) and it wasn't stuffed. It easily fit inside the overhead. I've never had a problem, but have also heard that for economy they allow a smaller size carry on. IMHO my keepall fit better in the overhead than some of the little suitcases with wheels that some passengers have. I even saw a few people with bags that were definitely too big.