Keepall MIF?

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  1. Dear TPF'ers,

    I have decided before the March 2 price increase, I will buy my HG, a Keepall 55! I've decided to be very excited about it (although I wasn't expecting to buy it until summer, that's ok, just no frivolous spending for a few weeks).

    My question is, can I get a Monogram Keepall 55 that is Made in France? I live in Houston, and will purchase from my LV in the Neiman Marcus. Is it possible to get a Keepall that is MIF?

    All the unboxings I have seen on youtube have SD date codes :cry:

    I know I am being so trite, only wanting a MIF piece, but for some reason I just have it in my head that I want MIF! :pout: I have a Neverfull and Cabas Mezzo made in USA, my Eva and Manhattan were MIF, and my mini pouchette was made in Spain I think?

    I'm just craving a MIF Keepall - what if I got DE? Would that be made in France?

    THANKS LOVES! :heart:
  2. I have a Keepall 55 monogram and it is MIF! It was gifted to me by my bf about 8 months ago! The monogram pieces that are MIF are becoming difficult to find! You will have to check with your LV store! Good luck!

    BTW- The keep all is a fantastic piece! Mine goes every where with me! :smile:
  3. I love that you have decided to be very excited about it!
  4. I purchased my keepall 55 DE Nov 2013 online and it was MIF.
  5. Oh! Haha - yes I guess that did sound kind of funny now that I re-read what I wrote. I was justing thinking I had more time to save! But I'd rather not pay the price increase :lol: and I'm treating it as a Valentine's gift to my self!

    Thanks for your confirmation MyLuxuryDiary!

    Anyone else in the US (or better yet, in Texas?!) see MIF Keepalls in your stores?
  6. My DE Keepall is MIF. I noticed the date code was *old* though...two years!

    I'm not sure why or how I've been so lucky, but I love that all the bags and wallets I have are Made in France or Italy (Paillettes). I never go looking for it, but after taking them home and savoring them, it's nice to see the MIF.
  7. you should go and check every style they have of 55
    and hopefully you'll find one
    good luck
  8. The Keepalls that I looked at we're all old too, over 2 years. The store ordered me a new one and it was made mid January 2014 and mif. I was lucky :smile:
  9. Does Houston have more than one LV store? (check all of them if there are)
    It seems like the items in the stores that are more common (speedy's, NF's, Delightful's etc) are ALL made in the USA. (at least here in Dallas) but the items that are not bought quite as often, have a greater percentage to be MIF.
    If the store doesn't have one, why don't you order on-line?;)
  10. My keepall 55 in DE is my only MIF piece. I purchased it in December from a LV Saks in Cleveland.
  11. I'd say to take your concern up with your local SA, they have been fabulous when I have special requests.
  12. Bought my DE Keepall 55 couple of weeks ago, and its made in France.
  13. Yes there is more than one lv store in Houston

    They have a store in Neiman Marcus , one full Louis Vuitton store further down in the Galleria mall and one store in saks 5th avenue.