Keepall Material?????

  1. So before I buy another keepall I have a QUESTION : )

    Is the monogram material actually leather or is it covered canvas?

    This has always confused me.

    I have a Keepall 50 but also would like a 60 but Don't want to spend the money if it's not ACTUALLY leather.

    My 50 doesnt feel like leather, it's more firm than I would think leather would be (comparing to my Coach duffle)

    Anyone know?
  2. Damier/Mono - coated canvas. only the straps/trimming/tags are untreated leather (vachetta)

    Epi - leather.
  3. Monogram print is definitely not leather. Notice the brown canvas interior? That is not a lining, that IS the canvas material.
    It is coated and printed on the other side which is what shows as the exterior. Same with speedy bags and other unlined bags.
    Obviously the trim is leather tho. I like my 60 and it is much more pliable and easier to use than my 45 because of the expanse of unstructed canvas. Makes it "softer".
  4. THANKS everyone. Guess Im gonna get a different model. I really want that softness of real leather.
  5. They make a nomade keepall which is leather. Epi is too but feels like plastic to me personally. You might could still get a tobago leather one if some boutiques still have them. Price is way higher than monogram canvas tho.
  6. thanks mlowran.

    i am going tomorrow to but the nomade keepall AND the red carryall, not sure what line it is but i LOVE it.
  7. Great choices! The Tobago carryall which is the red bag is a hard one to find in any color. Everyone loves that shape and style of bag so they went fast. I have heard a while back they still had some of the same leather in the keepall style tho. Still pretty but not quite as boxy.
    I'm pretty sure Nomade leather would be in stock as it isn't limited edition or seasonal that I know of (could be wrong) like the Tobago leather bags.

    Be sure to let us know what you decide to get and come home with! Good luck!
  8. The mono print is coated canvas:yes: