Keepall locks smells nasty, what about yours?

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  1. I just noticed this weird smell after handling the keepall and then I smelt the lock and its this weird brass/grease smell, does it come off? the lock is new, its pretty gross IMO, :sick:
  2. I have never noticed this.
  3. I've never noticed this with LV locks...but I know the smell you're talking about. It's gross!
  4. I've never even thought of smelling mine :oh:
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  5. i think the hardware itself like the zippers smell too! GROSS! lol

    but w/e
  6. I do know what smell you are talking about, I bought a sweater a while ago.. and the zipper pull thing, smelt like that!!! its totally gross!
  7. I use toothpaste and brush to clean then wipe off