Keepall just for travel???

  1. Ok, do you think Keepall are used for travel only? Here's why I ask:
    1st - have you seen the pic of Angelina Jolie toting a 45 or 50 in the Celebrity...section? She looks so sharp!
    2nd - I thought I decided on a Multipli-Cite (which I want anyway) as a bag I could use for teaching CCD every week. Discovered that I'll need to tote much stuff around (papers, binder, books, prize box, my personal stuff....)

    Do you think I could use a Keepall for this and for travel?
    Thanks for your always fab advice!!!
  2. The speedy could be for every day.
  3. I like a keepall for travel...what about the neverfull?
  4. I think maybe a bigger speedy would be ok, like the 35! That is huge, but it is ok to carry everyday!
  5. I think it's perfectly acceptable to do that.
  6. The orignial poster is not looking for a regular handbag from what I understand.
  7. Some of the things I need to take like the prize box, are bulky, the Neverfull GM may be big enough but I think it would be stuffed!!! I thought I'd get the Keepall and have it for travel as well...doing my best to multi-task with my LV's! Lol!!

  8. I don't see why not...who's to say what bag you should or should not carry?
  9. I think the keepall would be cool.. if it gets too heavy u can use the strap.. From wat u described i think it'd be perfect..
  10. Hmm.. might be ok. If it was a 50 or 55, then that would be a different story.

    Have you considered a carryall?
  11. I highly recommend a Carryall!! It's spacious yet very versatile, you get the best of both world (luggage and city/weekend/gym bag).
  12. Thanks, I'll take a look at the Carryall!
  13. Well, unless you have to bring tons of stuff with you everyday, otherwise I don't see the point of caring such a big bag around. I would feel so inconvenience , just my opinion.
  14. That's why they made the Carryall! It's something between a Speedy 40 and Keepall 45. Perfect (for me).:smile:
  15. I also think the Carryall would be a better choice.