Keepall in Monogram Canvas vs Monogram Macassar

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  1. I've searched and while I found a thread with some gorgeous personal pictures of the keepall 45 in monogram macassar, I couldn't find the information I was looking for, but apologies if I've missed this!

    I'm looking for a bit of assistance from you Vuitton connoisseurs - for years I have wanted a monogram canvas keepall (never been set on a particular size, over the years I have chopped and changed my mind) but being a poor student for the last five years I have never really had the funds at any one time to splash out on such a purchase, and had to be content with less extravagant goodies!

    Now I'm working full time (though not yet at a very well paying job, unfortunately) I'd love to buy myself one. I think I've waited long enough! I have ordered from LV's website in the past but for something like this that I've been waiting a long time for, I'd like to go to the store when I decide to buy it.

    My problem is.... since seeing the monogram macassar canvas, I can't get it out of my head and I'm now pretty sure that although I'll always fancy the original monogram canvas keepall, I want to get one in macassar. I would be using the bag as carry-on luggage when I travel (which is at most normally two to three times a year) but I'd also like to be able to use it as a weekend bag or even a regular bag for daily use. Which size would you guys recommend? The smallest the macassar keepall comes in is 45, right?

    Also - I don't understand why some of the keepalls (not limited to macassar) are listed on LV's site as having a 'shoulder strap' and some are listed as having simply a 'strap'. What's the difference?

    Thanks so much in advance! And apologies for the rather unnecessary length of this post, I guess I'm just getting excited at the thought of finally owning a keepall!
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    I think you have waited long enough too. I think you should get mono macassar. It sounds like that is the one you really want.
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    Hello! This is my first post! :smile:

    I second what fashion_mom1 said, it sounds like you really want the Mono Macassar, so go for it! The regular mono keepall is the traditional and classic-looking one, but if you don't want to worry about the leather staining, for example (i.e. if it rains, etc, which has definitely happened on my Keepall 55 Bandouliere!), the Macassar may be the wiser investment.

    You can purchase the keepalls in two different ways, one with a shoulder strap and one without, altough I'm not sure why some sites are lessspecific with just the "strap" adjective. I prefer the keepall with the strap as the bag may become heavy and it's easier to transport.

    I look forward to chatting with everyone on this forum!

    P.S. I forgot to add: I like the 55 because I can travel with my items without having to check, and the 55 is the biggest you can carry on. I've heard people say they prefer the 50 because you can stuff to the top without having to worry about it not fitting as a carryon (some had issues with the 55 stuffed to the top). The 45 is perfect as a hand-held accompaniment as it's the smallest, but if you travel very light, it'd probably work for you!
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    Well my bias opinion is go with with the Macassar! :smile: I'ts masculine compared to the monogram canvas.. The black trimming and strap is sickening (meaning I love it)... I personally don't like how the light brown leathers oxidize .. I'd go with the 55... It's really not that big and its only $50 more than the 45... You can always pack less in the 55 but you can't pack more in the 45..

    Either way when you buy you have to post pics...
  5. Thanks everyone for your opinions.

    I do think I'd rather have the mono macassar, I think it looks so good with the black leather. The price difference (£40 in the UK, I believe) is a drop in the ocean with reference to LV, the only reason I was considering the 45 is because I think it would work better as an everyday bag.

    Before I get a keepall, whichever one I go for, I'm going to get a Beaubourg (in damier I think!) so for quite some time I'm sure that will be the everyday bag that I'll want to use, but if I had a beautiful keepall sitting in my wardrobe I'd want to have it out and about more than the few times a year I travel! :biggrin:
  6. Nothing wrong with being inspired to travel more if it means you'll get to use your Keepall more often!! Have fun with your new purchase(s)!!
  7. congrats...
  8. I'm a Keepallfan and I must say I LVOE the classic monogram. I spray mine with leather protector (the vachetta part that is) and it still looks gorgeous today even though it's almost 4 years old.
  9. i love keepall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;););)
  10. I would get the Monogram Macassar in the 45, simply because I do think it would look better as an everyday bag if that's what you also wanted to use it for. It would be sad to get such a gorgeous bag and only get the chance to use a few times a year! Good luck with your decision and be sure to post pics. of your beaubourg when you get it!
  11. I honestly think Monogram Canvas is better than Macassar on the Keepall, and 50 seems to be the perfect size (for me at least, and I'm 6'1).
  12. I really like the macassar! Then you don't have to worry about the vachetta. I would recommend the 55...unless you are a really light packer or would only plan to carry miscellaneous items in it.

    Definitely get a strap if you plan on packing it full of stuff. Then you have the shoulder option.
  13. I personally like the Mono Canvas better, but if you don't want to worry about the vachetta, get the Macassar.
  14. I own the Mono Macassar keepall in 55, since I tend to pack heavy. I like it so much more than the classic keepall-I'm not a really big fan of the patina ordeal. And the bag is super masculine, and very attractive. I use mine as a weekender and for serious travel, putting my designer clothing, shoes(in dust bags mind you), and accesories in it so I never have to worry about losing my valueables when I fly. I'll try and post pics soon (if I have time) but it is a great bag and very usefull. I would have gotten a 45, but I have a black epi keepall 45 and I needed something with more room! Hope this helps!
  15. Thanks for your responses.

    For me it's actually got nothing to do with the patina - I just really like the way the black leather looks, much moreso than the monogram canvas' vachetta. I saw a picture of David Beckham carrying a mono macassar keepall (albeit the waterproof one, I believe) and I thought it looked fantastic.

    As I said though, I've been lusting after a keepall in monogram canvas for literally about seven years, so I'll probably still want to get one some day - maybe I'll start off with a macassar in 55 and then get a monogram canvas 45 in the future, that I can use as a day-to-day bag or to take with me when I'm staying at a friend's.

    Anyone know about the 'shoulder strap' vs just plain old 'strap' description on LV's site, then? Or is it just a lack of consistency in the item descriptions?