Keepall for carryon?

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  1. Good morning!

    I'm thinking about getting a Louis Vuitton Keepall. However, it must fit the airline requirements for my carryon. In your opinion, is one size better or more qualified than another?

    In addition, how do you like it insofar as packing and having access to your things? I typically use packing cubes to organize my items when I travel and they fit SO well in a regular carryon. I'm wondering if you have used them in a Keepall?

    Thank you for your thoughts and/or experiences. Undoubtedly they will help in my decision to purchase one!
  2. I have keepall 55 w strap always get strap. Personally i find this too heavy and would buy something w wheels
  3. I have a mono keepall 50 w. strap. Had it about a year or so and its good. I'm a 5'4 woman so I use it as an overnight bag or if I'm going on a tropical vacation (lighters clothes in general). Fits great in the overhead, never had a problem. I love it, until I'm rushing to a gate or in an overcrowded area, sticks out a lot from my body. Not really great for easy access unless I put it on the floor or table and then I can use two hands. Sounds like it's more cons than pros but I wouldn't trade it for another carry on.
  4. Keepall 55 is the largest size you can get that's still within TSA regulations. It's in the description and has been confirmed by CS. Hope that helps :smile:
  5. 55 with strap
    Best in my opinion
  6. I recommend the 50 b (with strap) even though the 55 is carryon compliant if you fill it up to max you may be cutting it close with some airlines.

    I also find even when I fill my 50 it can get quite heavy so I cannot imagine how much heavier the 55 would get.

    I couldn't imagine not having this awesome travel piece in my collection, I absolutely love it & like you also use packing cubes for traveling, they help keep everything nice & compact, organized & helps the keepall maintain a nice shape when packed.

    Best of luck deciding! :smile:
  7. If you are packing it relatively full the keepall will get heavy. I have a 50 and every time I have used it to fly it is kind of a pain. I might be the only one that thinks it is worse with the strap. I find it far more uncomfortable than actually carrying it handheld. When I carry it with the strap I almost always end up threading my arm through the handles to relieve some of the weight. I sometimes wish I would have gotten the 45 to just use more like a travel purse. To put ipad, magazines, books, headphones, snacks, etc. and carry along with a rolling carry-on bag for my actual luggage.
  8. Thank you for your reply.

    Yes, the heft is a concern of mine since I'm so use to using a "4-wheel drive" roll aboard. Maybe I'll get the Keepall and use it for getaways while traveling in a vehicle rather than a jet:biggrin:.

    Thanks again!
  9. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience! I've learned a lot and the information garnered will definitely help me make an informed decision!

  10. Thank you for your post. I think I will consider the 50 with the strap. Rather than use it for flight travel, I'll enjoy it for vehicle travel. I absolutely love the Keepall design.

    Don't packing cubes ROCK? Spent a month in Italy last year with one carry-on and the cubes made organizing so easy and helped maintain my sanity during the holiday!
  11. Thanks bunches! Clearly having the option of the strap is tremendously important!

  12. It does help and thank you!
  13. Good morning:

    I'm grateful for your advice and insights!

    Your description of rushing to a gate and the bag extending out reminded me of years ago carrying my (then) wee son through terminals....I felt like a rusher on a football field heading for the gold posts!

    But use as bag for overnight excursions sounds perfectly fine as efficiency and convenience aren't the overriding considerations in luggage selection!

    Thank you!
  14. I have a 45B and wish I had a 50B. I wouldn't get a 55B because not all airline takes it without checking it in. Heeeeeeeeeck no!👀
    The 45 is great for a weekend trip though! But just for my stuff! Hehe! With the 50 I could take hubs stuff too I feel but then again he likes to travel with his backpack. He doesn't need much... Lol
  15. Same, I flew with mine this weekend and probably won't do it again.
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