Keepall Drama (man)

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  1. I would say if you most often wear brown shoes/belt, go for the D-E. If you often wear black shoes/belt, go for the Macassar.
    Most of my shoes/belts are brown, and my jackets are often blue, so I picked the D-E.
  2. I love the Macassar
  3. I'm 6'5 and have the Damier Graphite 45 and 55 and the Macasser 45.

    I chose these because of the silver hardware.

    Not a fan of the brass hardware on the Ebene.

    You have gotten good advice about the monogram canvas with the vachetta handles.

    They tend to need a bit more care.
  4. thank you to everyone! :smile:
  5. If you have to choose, definitely DE or the new cobalt color in damier. And LV keepalls are the most chic looking. I would not vote for the Gucci.