Keepall Drama (man)

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  1. Hello everyone! It's been months since I started thinking about buying a Keepall and I still haven't decided!:nogood:

    can you give some ideas for a straight man reeeeally tall?
    shoulder strap-no shoulder strap( i prefer without as style but don't know in practice,don't care about price,just don't like the shoulder strap on this travel bag,but I still don't know), Damier brown, Monogram classic,monogram macassar?

    Help help help :smile:

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  2. The DE Keepall is really nice, and would look nice with the tag hot stamped! As far as 50 or 55, depends on how much you take when you travel and if all of your travel necessities will fit. I also believe the 50 can be used as a carry on bag. Also, the strap might come in handy when you need hands free!
  3. The Damier Ebene 55 with strap is my favorite (I own this bag ;) In my oppinion, it's the most elegant and sophisticated of the 3.
    I would definitively choose a keepall with strap. Imagine: you are at the airport in the cafeteria. You have just payd, and are going to carry your heavy tray (with both arms) to a table in the locale. If you don't have the strap, you have a problem! If you don't like the strap, you can always carry it inside the bag when you don't have to use it.
  4. Oh man you ALWAYS own what I want to buy!:smile:)
    thank you so much both of you for the suggestions… definitely going for the strap.
    But I'm still not sure about the monogram macassar/damier ….

    small OT:
    compared to this one?which one do you prefer? :smile:

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  5. I'm not familiar with the name of types of LV leather but I would recommend the third one. It's really nice and be sure to get it hot-stamp too.

    Don't go for the Gucci one, I believe the style and material couldn't compare with LV :smile: they are all machos too.
  6. Well, the Gucci GG duffel is also very nice. I had that bag in my collection (now sold), and I must confess that the quality on the LV Keepall seems better all over. The canvas on the keepall seems thicker, and there is also better quality on the suture used on the leather.
  7. thank you so much!
  8. I just bought the Macassar for my's a great bag. 55 is a great size and the strap is such a plus when traveling..especially when flying. It's carefree with the black trim.
  9. The three bags shown are canvas and not leather.

    Anyways the strap is useful for travel. When the bags full it Cavan be quite heavy and the strap even out the weight a bit plus it can leave your hands free.

    For a guy and more frequent use I would go for the damier or the massacre because you don't have to worry about the light cowhide handle being marked.

    These bags will slouch with use, I've recently purchased a leather keep all for my father but the cost of that, and I know you say it's not an issue is more than double the price of the canvas version and maybe not a great everyday/frequent use bag.
  10. You didn't mention damier graphite!! They have the new cobalt which is nice, if you travel alot I would stay away from monogram unless you don't care if the vachetta gets messed up. I personally don't like the Gucci one. My vote is for macassar or graphite. I think the strap is a necessity, especially if you're considering the 50 & 55. I think the 45 is the only size that might be ok without a strap. HTH.
  11. I like the 3rd one best! good luck!!!👍
  12. Have you looked at the Weekender Beaubourg GM? It's comparable in size to a keepall 55. I say that or the mono Macassar and definitely w strap
  13. ps. what about cobalt? that's brandnew and very stylish IMO.....😃
  14. I own a Keepall 55 in graphite. I'm 6 feet, 215lbs so 55 is a good size for me. Also, strap is a must have. Well, if you don't want to use it just take it off. When you do need it, it's very useful to free both your hands.

    I would suggest you to look into the new cobalt line. Graphite has damier in black and grey, cobalt line has black and deep blue.

    The big difference is cobalt line added a inside pocket, my older graphite doesn't have it. I think that's pretty useful as well.
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