Keepall Bandoulière 60 in other prints?

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  1. Hey guys,

    I want to buy the keepall B 60 in other prints, specifically the monogram eclipse when it comes out :drool:

    Why doesn't LV make the keepall B in 60 for other prints? Where they discontinued? Are they going to discontinue the keepall B 60?
  2. They don't make it in the other prints, and they won't in the Monogram Eclipse. The Keepall Bandoulière 60 is a niche product. It's too big to be used on a plane as a carryon and is so large that it is cumbersome. You'll only get the print you want if you consider a smaller size.

    Best regards,
  3. A niche product of a niche line of a niche brand. lol.

    It is a struggle to get the things I want from #louisvuitton

  4. It's not a niche brand. Louis Vuitton is the world's leading luxury brand. And they're known for their luggage.
  5. It's niche is high end customers who want quality products. That's their market.

    And it's going to be niche compared to like anything sold at macys or walmart.
  6. Louis Vuitton started out making trunks and travel luggage
  7. Your argumentative statements are not going to get the Keepall 60 in the print you want, nor will anything you or I say on the PurseForum. I'm sorry, but the Keepall Bandoulière 60 will most likely never be made in any other print.
  8. Argumentative? Relax

    It' is a niche brand. It may be iconic, but it's not like your typical American can afford it on a $40,000 salary that everyone can afford to buy, making it a niche product. This is just business 101 here, not trying to cause drama. Don't read into something that isn't there.

    I'll just buy 2 I guess. A monogram 60 B and a 55 monogram eclipse. I would just prefer both be in the 60 size.
  9. I'm not sure why you included a cover to Price Tag... lmao!

    But I'm just curious as to what the use of the 60 would be? If you plan to fly you have to check it and I would not be comfortable with that unless it was a hard-sided luggage piece from LV. (Soft-sided = more likely to get caught on equipment and belts and get ripped)
  10. You are taking yourself way too serious, and it's a great song. :P

    I would use it when I drive around to vacations (if I ever get one), and I wouldn't fill it to the max for flights so that I can use it as a carry on.

    Best of both worlds. The weight isn't an issue for me. I'm a dude so it doesn't bother me. It'll just be a part of my workout for that day.